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in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Upland, Indiana 
Volume 90 

Many changes have occurred at Taylor 
University with its student life, rules, 
athletics— all aspects of living in the Taylor 

But one thing has remained the same 
throughout the years; Taylor's foundation is 
built on the never-changing love and per- 
sonhood of Jesus Christ. 


Hebrews IhH 

Opening CX3 

OO Opening 

The school leaders carefully planned the 
daily schedule for each student. They 
explicitly designated as study periods the 
hours between eight and twelve in the mor- 
ning, one-thirty and four-thirty in the after- 
noon, and seven and ten in the evening. When 
a student was not attending a class during 
these hours, the college expected him to be 
studying in his dormitory room, and no 
student could visit in another student's room 
during study hours. These study hours 
applied to the weekdays and Saturday after- 
noon and evening. 

All of the copy in this opening section has 
been copied from the 1913 Gem, the forerun- 
ner of the nium. 

Opening CX> 3 

Intramural athletics began very early in 
the Upland period. At least as early as 1898 
the school sponsored baseball, bicycle, and 
tennis clubs, and an annual field day of track 
events. By 1909, the Taylor officials "strongly 
encouraged" the students to participate in 
basketball, baseball, and tennis; and in the 
wintertime, many students walked the two 
miles to the Mississinewa River to ice skate. 
In the period before the introduction of 
intercollegiate athletics, the late-spring track 
meet between representatives of the two 
Uterary societies (the Philo-Thalo meet) 
served as one of the sports highlights of each 
year. While the college encouraged 
intramural athletics in early years, it 
strongly discouraged the specific sport of 
football and intercollegiate athletics. 

4 OO 



Opening O-O 5 

The list of twenty-seven dining-hall rules 
approved by the faculty in 1909 included 
these: "Do not appear in the dining hall until 
you have attended minutely to every detail of 
the toilet," "Do not bring to the table 
anything but pleasant looks and words, and 
agreeable topics of conversation," and "Do 
not have lips open while eating, or make a 
noise with the mouth." 

6 Ora Opening 

r^m irnmum ' I 

Opening C*0 7 

"Parents all over this nation are asking 
me where they can send their sons and 
daughters to school knowing that their faith in 
God and in morality will not be destroyed. I 
find that this is a college where they teach the 
Bible instead of apologizing for it, and I shall, 
for this reason, recommend Taylor Univer- 
sity to such inquiring Christian parents." — 
William Jennings Bryan, three time 
Presidential candidate and Secretary of 

Paying for the room in the dormitory, the 
seat in the dining hall, and the instruction in 
the classroom was one of the most pain- 
ful—but also most necessary— parts of the 
college experience. The cost of room, board, 
and tuition for a school year of forty weeks 
ranged from about $100 in 1855 to nearly $175 
in 1890. The student paid an additional sum 
for the fuel and lights for his room (the 
college sold wood and oil), and if he wanted a 
carpet he could rent one at the rate of one 
dollar per term per occupant. 

^ O-O Opening 

-■MiNW-tPGliitu^U I 







Opening 0*3 g 


10 CX3 Opening 

The early Echo editions were thirty-two 
monthly magazine pages that published much 
literary material (poems and short stories), 
as well as reports of society meetings, alumni 
news, news from other colleges, letters from 
missionaries, and editorials promoting 
"moral uplift." Sometimes student writers 
contributed articles of excellent quahty. By 
the 1930's the Echo had adopted a small 
newspaper format of four pages and 
appeared bimonthly. The first page of these 
later Echo editions featured the major school 
events, the second page presented the 
editorials and alumni news, the third page 
discussed world news and Taylor activities of 
secondary importance, and the last page 
contained the sports news. 



Opening <^0 I 1 

The alumni of Fort Wayne College 
generally believed that the twentieth century 
school was still "true to its ideals." When 
many of the Fort Wayne College graduates 
visited the Upland school in 1926, they 
expressed great satisfaction: "There is no 
jazz and gin, no flapperism and no Charleston 
experts at Taylor. The boys don't carry flasks 
or cigarette cases. They don't hide poker 
chips and deal under the mattresses. The 
girls don't rouge their cheeks. They don't 
have to. They carry the ruddy glow of 
healthful living and clean thinking. They 
don't roll their stockings or wear men's 
socks... Taylor, like an oasis on a desert, 
offers spiritual drink in a University world 
charged with a barrenness of fundamental 
Christian living." 

1 2 CX3 Opening 

Opening Oo 13 

14 O-O Opening 

Taylor intentionally sought to train boys 
and girls from the lower economic classes. 
Promotional literature included such 
statements as "Taylor University is the 
school for the poor boy and girl" and "Taylor 
is the school of the plain people." While the 
institution also welcomed the enrollment of 
children of the "well to do," it urged them to 
"provide for themselves a simple wardrobe 
... in the interest of ... school democracy." 

Probably no other Indiana college mat- 
ched the Taylor zeal in the anti-liquor cause. 
In the period before the beginning of national 
Prohibition, the Taylor faculty and staff 
almost always voted for Prohibitionist can- 
didates, and several members actively par- 
ticipated in temperance activities. 

Opening Oo IS 

How the Ilium Is 
Usually Read 


Looks for himself in all the groups with 
which he posed, and finds his name wherever 
he can possibly do so. This is the most 
enjoyable period of inspection. 


Does the same for his girl's name and 


Hunts every "roast" on himself. 


Makes sure of everything, then shuts the 
book forever. After this, if matters do not 
concern him otherwise, he concludes by 
saying that the ILIUM is not as good as it 
ought to be. 

How the Ilium Should 
Be Read 

Take it up at your odd moments; have a 
just pride in the more solid literary efforts, 
and do your best at kindliness in falling into 
the spirit of every joke. Look at your ILIUM 
three or four times a week, till you are 
thoroughly familiar with it. It was worked up 
with much labor to cheer your heart for years 
to come. Be sure to enjoy it from cover to 
cover, for you may be on the Editorial Staff 
yourself some time. 

16 CX3 

Aciivilics OO 17 

Taylor Reaches Out to Singapore 

SINGAPORE CAMPUS — Above: Singaporean students on the Youth for Christ 
staff. Above, left: EMzabeth Walk in Merlion Park — a contrast of old and new. 
Below, left: When the first natives arrived in Singapore, they found a lion on the 
island. The legend exists that it came from the ocean; the Merlion keeps the legend 
alive. Below: the Singapore skyline — threshold of the 21st century. Next page, top 
and bottom: pockets of the old city where TUIS students study, and blend in with 
modern civilization. Next page, center: Bible House, Chinese gardens in Singapore. 


18 O-o Singapore 

Taylor University, expanding its doors to 
East Asia, is now linked with Singapore Youth 
for Christ to offer courses in Singapore for 
Singaporean students. One Taylor faculty 
member at a time is in Singapore, teaching 
courses and supervising local faculty. 

A total of 30 hours is offered at present over 
a two-year period in the TUIS (Taylor 
University in Singapore) course, leading to a 
certificate in Christian Ministries. 

The first group of 18 students was in three 
classes during the fall of 1897. They were 
taught by Dr. William Fry, head of Taylor's 
EngUsh department. He taught a freshman 
writing course and a literature course, along 
with supervising Josephine Lim, a Philippino 
woman who lives in Singapore and teaches 
Bible literature. 

Dr. Fry, along with Dr. Beulah Baker, 
Professor of English, supplied the Singapore 

photographs for these pages. Dr. Baker 
worked in Singapore during the spring 
semester teaching another writing course and 
an American literature course on current 

Other TU professors have also planned 
teaching experiences in Singapore, including 
Dr. Herbert Nygren, reUgion, for six weeks in 
the summer and Dr. Alan Winquist, history, 
in the fall. 

Of his experience in Singapore, Dr. Fry 
noted being impressed with "its vigor, 
discipline, annd vision. I literally felt as 
though I were standing on the threshold of the 
21st century." 

Future expansion of the project includes 
possibly adding a sophomore level year, 
including more business— oriented courses, 
and encouraging exchanges between Taylor 
students on campus and in Singapore. 

Singapore o-o 


The Junior Class presents Taylor with its first university flag. 

Warren Brown, Mark Nevil and Todd Guyrc help the 
audience understand their "Revolutionary Ideas" dur- 
ing Homecoming Weekend. 

The 1987 Homecoming cabinet chose a 
historical theme of the creation of the U.S. 
Constitution 200 years ago in 1787 to organize 
its annual exciting mid-October visit with 

"We the People.. .One in Christ" aptly 
displayed their feelings that "Although 
Taylor is constantly changing and growing, 
its strong foundation in Christ has remained 
the same for over 141 years." 

Karen Pfister and Jamey Schmitz, Taylor 
Homecoming Cochairmen, made this 
welcoming remark to the Homecoming 
crowd, adding "With this in mind, we may 
reflect upon our Constitution and what it 
means to us as Christians and to Taylor." 

20 (X3 llomecommg 

'We the 

People . . . 

One in 


Paul Meriweather makes it across 
the finish line in the annual Home- 
coming Belltower Classic. 

Taylor University President Jay Kesler welcomes students 
and visitors to the annual Homecoming I'estivilies Oct. 16- 

Homecommg &o 2] 

Jeff Blume gets a bit sentimental during the Variety Show, even with 
hie "ears'" on. 

Wally Campbell and Dave Kaufman do a little "role changing" during their act. 

22 O-o Variety Show 

All in One 

A Hit at the Variety 

The all-in-One quartet, including (L-R) Brian 
Bartow, James Kcnniv, Sieve Swing, and Joel 
Durkovic. belt out their Variety Show act. 

Variety Shou OO 23 

24 &0 Concerts 

Entertainers Inspire Campus 

Geoff Moore 

Concerts C>0 25 

YMCA and Hard Knock Life 
Rocks Airband 

The Village People took first place and $50 
for their efforts on "YMCA" during Taylor's 
annual October airband competition, earning 
the right to represent TU at the at-home 
intercollegiate competition in February. 

Second place and the $20 prize went to 
Second East Olsen for their rendition of "It's 
a Hard Knock Life." 

There was a tie for third between Pleasan- 
tdale Retirement Home's "Fall In" and 
"Wipe Out" by the Beach Boys and the Fat 

Jeff Jacobson and Dirk Rowley hosted the 
15-band competition, which was judged by 
Kim Johnson; Beki Lee, Secretary of Student 
Programs; Tim Nace, Director of Student 
Programs and Placement; and Rob Sisson, 
Wengatz Hall Director. ICC Airband Chair- 
man Aaron Neuman organized the produc- 

Categories for judging included 
choreography or instnmiental sync, lip sync, 
originality, and costuming. 

Ken Smith al his dynamic best in concert. 

Stacey Peters, Kent Culbertson, Darren 
Nyce, and Brian Peters combine talents for 
a smooth sound. 

Tom Haleen has a cure for whatever ails anyone — Pepto-Bismal. 

The Third West Wengatz act has a quiet moment. 

Jimmy Hill. Todd Silvernale, and Willie Montgomery add mirth to their performance with added girth. 

Airband Oo 27 

Rediger Speakers: 

28 O-O Chape 

Enlightening and Entertaining 

Clockwise from top left: Taylor University President Dr. Jay Kesler; John Home, 
President of Navistar and Taylor Trustee; and inspirational speakers Mike Nelson, 
Greg Speck, and Brian Bartow and Joe Maniglia. 

Chapels Oo 29 

Bel Kaufman's 

October 22, 23, 24, 25, 1987 

October 29, 30, 31, November 1, 1987 

Little Theatre 
Taylor University 

30 CXJ Up the Down Staircase 


Dr. Maxwell Clarke, High SlHoo) Prmciplal Bruce Fouse 


Sylvia Barett Valerie Flower 

Beatrice Schachter Mindy Mason 

Paul Barringer Tom Halleen 


J. J. Mchabe Joe Maniglia" 

Ella Friederberg Janeen Anderson 

Frances Egan Melinda Flynn 

Charlotte XXolf Lois Hochstetler 

Samuel Bester Andy \X'inters 

Sadie Finch Judi Gibbons 



Lou Martin Brian Smith* 

Lennie Neumark Steve Barron 

Carole Blanca Patricia Mumme 

Alice Blake Pegg>' Byerley 

\'i\ian Paine Lisa Snapp' 

Rust}' O'Brien David Benjamin 

Linda Rosen Elyse Stimeman 

lose Rodriguez David Abraham 

Carrie Blaine Maria Koelsch 

Harr> Kagan James Church 

Jill Norris BeckT Hubbard 

Rachel Gordon Jennifer Baginski 

Elizabeth Ellis Juli Chandler 

Charles Arrons Cor\ Walsh 

Edward Williams Toby Shope" 

Joe Ferone Eddie Judd 


Francine Gardner Beth Kroger 

Katherine VColzow Dionne Grant 

Helen Arbuzzi AngieGollmer 

EUen, Sy/uiQs fnend Julie Miner 

Up the Down Staircase *-*<' 31 

The Advanced Oral 
Interpretation Class 





Blue Suede Shoes 

December 10, 11, 12, 1987 

Little Theatre 

Taylor University 

32 OO Oral Interp 

The Company 

Janeen Anderson 
Steve Barron 
Jennifer Blum 
Shasvna Bowlin 
Grelchen Burwick 
Peggy Byerley 
Jenny Dickinson 
Ginger Ducker 

Valerie Flower 
April Sewell 
Toby Shope 
Kelly Spencer 
Shawna Sloll 
Robert Thomas 
Tamara Widdocs 
Andy Winters 

Oral Inlerp ^X> 33 

Freebird Flies High on Nostalgia Night 

fnabird by Skinny Leonard was the high 
point of the February Nostalgia night, with 
the Taylor audience on its feet and begging 
for more of their powerful vocals and guitar 

Other highlights of the evening, hosted by 
Bryan Bartow, Joe Maniglia, Brian Smith, 
and Dirk Rowley, were U2, Th* Monttar Moth, 
Rcvolufion, the Everly Brothers, and of course 
All in One. 

34 <=»« Nostalgia Night 



^,^ ■ 


■ '''Id 





1 •- '' '•■ 



'^^^l^^^^^^^Kgl' .- ' ' 

»" ^^H 

Nostalgia Night CX3 35 

Dorothy Sayers 

and Muriel St. Clare Bryne 


Direcled & Designed by l)i Oliver Ihthhurd 


Mr. Pultett John Cotley 

Bunter Andy Winters 

Mrs. Ruddle Valerie Flower 

Harriet (Lady Peter Wimsey) Lisa Bartow 

Lord Peter Wimsey Bryan Bartow 

Miss Twitterton Patricia Mumme 

Frank Crutchley Cory Walsh 

Rev. Simon Goodacre Dirk Rowley 

Mr. MacBiide Tad Atkinson 

Constable Sellon Brian Smith* 

Superintendent Kirk Joe Maniglia* 

George Alan Cunningham 

Bill Todd Ladd 

February 18-21 and 25-28, 1988 

Little Theatre 

Taylor University 

36 Cxo Busman's Honeymoon 

I 'hi I ^ I I idlli'pl* t'' '^*: 

Busman's Honeymoon o-O 37 

Postmistress Maintains 
of the most popular 

"The mail is in!" 

It is a very simplistic phrase, yet the very mentioning of it can be 
music to the average Taylor student's ears. 

It is a phrase that can promote a broad range of emotions from 
extreme happiness upon receiving some mail from a friend or family 
member, to dejection for having received no correspondence what- 

Such emotions are common to the college student, since it is a 
universal desire among the general consensus of the campus 
population to receive mail. 

Senior Chuck Stewart agrees. As a Wengatz Hall desk worker, he 
helps sort the mail for the residents there. 

"It's funny to see most of the guys almost unconsciously and instin- 
ctively check their mail boxes as soon as they enter the dorm, hoping 
they have a letter of a package," he stated with a laugh. 

"I enjoy seeing the excited looks that people get when they receive 
mail," said Chuck. "As a desk worker it's fun to be able to share in 
their excitement by delivering their letters or packages." 

Junior Shelly Moeschberger also finds some social benefits 
associated with being an English Hall desk worker. "Sorting the mail 
helps me to kow and learn more about the girls in my dorm," she said. 
"I associate each name with the faces." 

Del Roth, a junior from Morris hall, likes sorting mail because it 
allows him to "take a break from the monotony of routine desk work." 

Unfortunately, sorthing the mail can also be a time consuming, 
tedious chore. 

There are the inevitable setbacks, such as the dreaded letter without 
a correct of specific address, or every desk worker's potential 
nightmare— the holiday season. 

Just ask sophomore Sandy Freeman, who works at Olson desk. "One 
year I was required to sort mail the day following our Christmas 
break. There was so much accumulation of mail that I found it difficult 
to even move around! 

"It took me about six hours to finish sorting all the letters and 
packages," she added. 

And like most jobs, there are those unexpected quirks which add 
variety and excitement to the occupation, as well as providing light- 
hearted anecdotal stories. 

For instance, on of Gerig Hall's desk workers, freshman Chris 
Colthrop, will attest to the time when she received about 50 of Morris 
Hall's letters, mistakenly delivered to her dormitory residence. 

Obviously, the mail service is not exclusively reserved for on- 
campus residents. Faculty and off-campus students receive and send 
their mail via the Campus Post Office. 

Beverly Klepser (pictured on this page) is in charge of all such 
postal operations. As Campus Post Mistress, she deals with sorting the 
incoming mail and prepares the outgoing mail. She is also responsible 
for handling across the counter UPS packages and bulk mailing of 
depai-tmental memos, such as leaflets, memos and bulletins. 

38 o-O Mail Room 

her position as one 
people on campus 

Beverly's routine work day usually includes facing a non-stop, con- 
tinuous mail flow, so she relies heavily on the help of work study 
students. She often finds, however, that there are just not enough 
working hours to complete her job. 

Despite the pressures, Beverly is not so easily discouraged. She 
finds her job very demanding, yet very rewarding as well. "I love the 
personal, individualized contact that I have with students and people 
on campus," she said. 

She has not lost her sense of humor, either. When asked what 
positive aspects were included in her job, she was quick to respond 
with a smile "It's positively tiring ! " 

Mail Room oo 39 

Youths Follow 


T!:i> anr.ual Youth Corierence in Mafch was an outstanding success 
tl is yoai-, with a "Follow the Leader" theme. High school youths were 
ti ,'afed to a weekend of good speakers, good fellowship (like Shawn 
Hai'ki'.ess's "follower," at left), and good fun, including waterball 
villeyball (next page, top.) Next page, bottom, Lisa Bartow does her 
part to ir.spire the students. 

40 CX) Youth Conference 

the Leader at Annual Conference 


Youth Confercnuc OO 41 

Seniors Take Taylathon — Again 

42 &0 Taylalhon 


The Taylathon bike race went to the expeiier.ced seniors again this team "riders" were a bit young for the event. Below, the teams had to 
year, who (above, left) proudly displayed their trophy. Bottom, left, practice most on exchanges. of the floois dressed for the occasion. Above, top, .some of the 

Taylalhon OO 43 

peZTer' SKcijp|^cr''s 


XprlL IS-COc^y 1 orA m<x.y 5-8, 1988 


(in order of appearance) 

The "Venticelli" Jack Luger 

Cory Walsh 

Antonio Salieri Joe Maniglia* 

Salieri's Valet Tad Atkinson* 

Salieri's Cook Tom Halleen 

Joseph Il^mpcror of Austria Andy Winters* 

Johann Kilian von Strack Eddie Judd 

Count Orsini-Rosenberg Toby Shope* 

Baron van Swieten Steve Barron 

Giuseppe Bonno Jeff Jacobson 

Teresa Salieri Tammy Hittle 

Katherina Cavalieri Beth Kroger 

Constanze Weber Valerie Flower* 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Brian Smith* 

Major Domo Jim Church 

Citizens of Vienna David Abraham 

Dawn Bartow, John Coffey 
Elyce Elder, Renee Fares 

44 O^ Amadeus 

Amadcus OO 45 

Augsberger Addresses 300 Graduates 


Three hundred excited Taylor 
graduates gathered into the 
traditionally very warm stadium 
Saturday, May 21, with Board of 
Trustees, faculty, and friends for 
graduation exercises. 

They were treated to a Bc- 
calaureate speech by Dr. Myron S. 
Augsberger, president of the 
Chi-istian College Coalition, who 
challenged the happy group to 
really make a difference. 

TSO President Philip Herman 
(next page, bottom) added his 
graduation thoughts during a 
Commencement address in the 

Among the happiest of 
graduates was Scott Dubois, 
Converse, Indiana, who received a 
standing ovation from his 
classmates as he "wheeled" his 
way to the platform (pictured 
above) to receive his diploma. 

46 OO Graduation 

Graduation OO 47 

^Clown Class' Shares Mixed Emotions 

as It Graduates from Taylor 





48 CX3 Graduation 

Graduation OO 49 

Though Clubs Change . . . 

50 oo Clubs 

^jj^^^^^ ti 


.^^^^^^H / .^P 

. — '^ y 

pppr z^^V^fl 

. n\. ^Mk J\'M 

\ .1 


Christ Does Not Change 

Clubs OO 51 

Mizpah Explores Various Art Forms 

Mizpah, including some of the more philosophical members of the Third Morris Brotherhood, relaxes for a moment before tackling one of its diverse projects. Mizpah members in- s 
elude Steve Baarendse, Wally Campbell, Kevin Sloat, Mark Rmgenberg, Ken Hugoniot, Scott McGlasson, Shawn Denny, Joe Miller, Thorn Verratti, and Troy Felton. 

52 OO Clubs 

^[ ---^-1 

The Grand Vizier bestows the Sacred Golf Club upon 
the Young Neophyte. (From the reading of Aunt Ger- 
tie's Will, Act V, scene iii). 


Troy Felton, a/k/a Crouton, as "Timmy the Deviant Child." 

Clubs OO 53 

1987 Homecoming 

Probe Leaders 

Taylor Bell Ringers 

Taylor Bell Ringers- (L-R) Stephanie Taggart, 
Linda Lewis, Lisa Notestine, Rhonda Stonck, 
.lennifer Albcrson. Kevin Cole. Thorn Verratti, 
Don Reynolds, Amy Grueser, Marcia Diller, 
Jill Conner. Not pictured are Lisa Puck and 
Karen Colloni. The group's director is Dr. 
Richard Parker. 

54 O-o Clubs 

W.O.W. Club 

W.O.W. Club - (From row, L-R) Janelle 
Hershberger, Ellen Suter, David Keck. (Row 
2) Cheryl Duncan, Sonya Good, Janell De- 
Turk, Stephanie Bruther. (Row 3) Clyde Park- 
er, Susan Wiles, Melinda Fine. (Row 4) Matt 
Wengerd, Doug Hoist, Steve Erickson. 

Wandering Wheels 

Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes 

Clubs oo 55 






56 OO Organi/ntiiins 





Organi/ralions OO >7 



Editor Jenny Dickinson and Assistant Editor 
Shawn Harkness. 

58 cxo Clubs 


Editor Jeff Kiger, above, and Associate Editor John 
Bachman, below. 


Associate Editor 

Feature Editor 

Campus Editor 

Sports Editor 

Entertainment Editor 

Layout Editor 

Weekly Columnist 

Business Manager 

Advertising Manager 


Editorial Advisor 

Financial Advisor 

Jeff Kiger 
John Bachman 
Pamela Teo 
Jennifer Blum 
Chris Boyd 
Beth Keller 
David Vermeesch 
Dirk Rowley 
Chad Massey 
Randy Seidehamel 
Marilyn Walker 
Dale Jackson 

Clubs OO 59 

ICC Seniors 

Greek Class 



60 OO Clubs 


^ Pre-Med 

ICC Juniors 

Clubs CXJ 61 


Morris P,A,*s 

62 OO Clubs 

Y, C. 


English P.A.^s 

Clubs O-o (,3 

J. s. o. 

Taylor Student Services 

64 OO Clubs 

Student Court 


Clubs CX3 65 

Though Sports Change . . . 

66 OO Sports 


Christ Does Not Change 

Sporls oO ''7 

Taylor Trojans Complete Mini-Series 

The 1987 Taylor football season can best be 
described as a three-part miniseries. The first 
part involves the first four games where 
Taylor was 4-0 and ranked 20th nationally. 
The second includes Taylor's four losses to 
teams with a combined record of 32-8, and the 
final segment involving their last two vic- 
tories allowed them to compile a 64 record. 

Earlham College was Taylor's first foe of 
the 1987 season. The game was very close 
earUer in the second half when alldistrict 
defensive end Dave Moellering intercepted a 
pass and rambled an exciting 101 yards for a 

With a 3-0 record, Taylor received national 
attention by being ranked 24th in the NAIA 
Division H. The final act of the first 
miniseries involved a 49-15 pounding of 
Kalamazoo College on Parents' Day. Thus, 
the first part of the miniseries was completed 
with Taylor 4-0, ranked 20th in the nation and 
No. 1 nationally in total defense. 

The second part of the miniseries begins 
with a showdown between unbeaten Rose 
Hulman and the Trojans. A see-saw battle 
evolved, but due to some turnovers late in the 
game. Rose Hulman emerged the victor 10-8. 

Mike Woods eludes the defense in another carry. 
The 1987-88 Taylor Trojan Football Team. 

>,i . ^'^j 

68 OO Kootball 

Jeff Sewell meets an insurmountable obstacle. 

Depauw University was the next opponent. 
In a similar and heartbreakingly close battle, 
TU lost by one point at 15-14. After a poor 
performance in the second half of the Wabash 
game, and an offense that was ranked second 
in rushing from St. Francis, the Trojans found 
themselves a disappointing 4-4, after their 
best start in 17 years at 4-0. 

In the third segment of the miniseries, 
Taylor was able to salvage the last two games 
and set its record at 6-4, the best tally in the 
past ten years. 

Manchester was the first team the Trojans 
had to face. After a big first quarter offen- 
sively and a blocked punt by Gary Chapman, 
the Trojans routed Manchester 44-14 for their 
fifth victory of the season. 

The season finale was at home against an 
explosive Hanover College team, ranked No. 
1 in the nation in total offense. Hanover began 
by scoring on its first possession, but Taylor 
had regained the lead at halftime 21-14. With 
only a few minutes left in the contest, Taylor 
was ahead 42-35. However, Hanover marched 
for a touchdown with about two minutes left in 
the game. 

With the score 42-Jl, Hanover went for a 
two-point conversion, but Larry Phelps 
knocked the pass down and the Trojans won 
42-41 in the most exciting game of the season. 

Taylor had a fine season in all, with some 
individual standouts. Jimmy Hill, Moellering, 
Robert Anderson and Walker were named to 
the all-district defensive team. Mike Woods, 
rushing for 989 yards on the season, made the 
all-district offense. 

Asst. Coach Wade 
Russell puts the de- 
fense through its 

loolball OO h*^ 

Soccer Team is Young , Hard -Working 

Dave McPherson keeps just ahead of 
the opponent's defense. 

-*~"»^ ''S^ 

>J-&i^ aP»5is - 

Mark Willis. Dave McPherson and Phillippe Kroeker 
work to score. 

The 1987 Trojan soccer team finished with 
a 4-10 record, posting wins over Purdue- 
Calumet (Sept. 19) at 1-0; Bethel College 
(Sept. 26) with an impressive 3-1 decision; St. 
Francis College (Oct. 10) at 2-1 and Anderson 
(Oct. 24) with another 1-0. 

Although the stats are not impressive, the 
rebuilding team kept up a positive attitude 
throughout the season, as the record shows. 

The season's top match was probably the 
3-1 defeat of Bethel College, a long-time foe, 
according to Coach Mike Springer. 

The final triumph was a really sweet win 
against Anderson on Saturday, Oct. 24, after 
the Trojans had allowed themselves to be 
defeated by the nearby Hoosier university one 
week earlier 3-1. 

The young team lost one senior, Phil 
Kroeker, to graduation. Kroeker 
distinguished himself as the second four-year 
letterman in the history of the team. 

Returning will be a junior and five 
sophomores, as well as freshman forward 
Dave McPherson, who scored the deciding 
goal against Anderson in October. 

The team ended its season by falling to 
NAIA District 21 leader Goshen in the Oct. 31 

70 Cxs Soccer 

The 1987-88 Taylor Trojan Soccer Team. 

McPhcrson moves ihe ball 
easily down field. 

Soccer CO 71 

Jarheads Send Two to Nationals 

Although the Taylor Cross Country team 
lost five seniors last year, it had an extremely 
successful year, even bettering last year's 
win-loss record. The Jarheads beat 83 teams 
while losing to only 12 the entire season. 

Season highUghts include a third at their 
own invitational, their highest finish in the 
past several years, and a Tri-State second. 
The 1987 Jarheads also grabbed an elusive 
first at the NCCAA District 3 meet, and took 
fourth out of 19 at the NCCAA November 
nationals. Bragg finished 18th and Fruchey 
topped his previous time by over a minute, 
finishing at 26: 36. 

Despite a second to arch-rival Anderson at 
the NAIA Manchester College districts, 
Bragg and Gerig finished well enough at sixth 
and eighth to advance to NAIA nationals. 
Bragg finished 99th at the nationals with only 
one shoe, losing the other somewhere along 
the course. 

Jerry Gehrig and Trent Mays pace each other. 
Cross country competitors get ready for a Taylor meet. 


11 O-o Cross Country 

The 1987-88 Taylor Cross Country team included: (Front row, L-R) Johnalhon Soris, Daryl 
Rider, Trent Mays, Mike White, Matt Garnett, Nate Phinney, and Darren White. Back Row: 
Coach Chris Loy, Asst. Coach Jeff Peterson, Jeff Cramer, Mike Englen, Brad Cogdell, Mike 
Fruchey, Kevin Roth, Bob Bragg, Jerry Gerig, Simon Mungai, and Asst. Coach Quinn White. 

Matt Garnett gains momentum on the backstretch. 

Cross Countr\ o-o 73 

Sherry Pomeroy Wins Wheeler Award 

The women's cross country team had a 
rebuilding year in 1987, with two of their top 
seven from the 1986 squad returning. Despite 
their inexperience, the ladies did a great job, 
according to their Assistant Coach, Kelly 

"They were hard-working, enthusiastic, 
and displayed a good sense of team unity," 
she pointed out. Coach Ray Bullock (alias 
Papa Jarhead) did an excellent job of 
coaching an almost entirely new squad, she 

"Dedication, efficiency, encouragement, 
and experience are a few of the qualities he 
possesses that make him a CHOICE 
COACH," Hughes said. "He puts in that extra 
time and goes that extra mile." 

The 1987 team was led by Seniors Sherry 
Pomeroy (team captain) and Cindy Jahn, 
both of whom made it to the NAIA nationals, 
and JuUe Zehnder. 

Highlights for the team included its third in 
the NAIA District 21 meet and another third 
at NCCAA in Cederville, Ohio. 

At the nationals, Pomeroy won the coveted 
Wheeler Award for the Christian cross coun- 
try athlete of the year. Jahn finished fifth 
overall and was named to the NCCAA All- 
American team. 

Zchndcr hits the finish line 

Not quite a pleasant stnill past Taylor Lake 


74 &<3 Women's Cross Country 

1987 Ta\lor Women's Cross 
Countr\ team 

J And thc\'rc off and running at 
ilic ln\ ilalional. 

Women's Cross Counlr\ O-O 75 


*'■ •.A'.K'y.'Ao^^ 


76 OO Men's Tennis 

Trojans Enjoy New Tennis Courts 

Men's Tennis &0 77 

Ladies' Tennis Has Rewarding Season 

1987 WOMEN'S VARSITY TENNIS TEAM— Led by the first three returning singles resounding 7-2 over Goshen College in September and just kept right on going 
from the 1986 season, the Taylor TroJanes won their first match with o for o very successful season. 

78 CX5 Women's Tcnni; 












B|^t[jj "' ■ 

■f *j^^| 












,' >l^j 















V/'M/^ /j 

Women's Tennis OO 79 

1988 Trojan Volleyball Team — above, 
includes (front) JillSwafford; (Middle) 
Kathy O'Brien, Coach Jill Wyant, 
Becky Roost and Dana Brubaker; 
(Back) Michelle Hollar, Susan 
McAllister, Donna Moore, Lisa Arnold, 
Joy Altenburg, Jill Seaman, Laurel 
Kinzer and Stacey Bishop. At right, the 
team prepares to celebrate after its 
championship at districts. 

OO Volleyball 

Netters Make NCCAA Nationals 



It took the 1988 Taylor volleyball team, 
consisting of five returning letter winners and 
six freshmen, a little time to get going this 
year. But once they did, a fantastic season 
was waiting for them. 

Our Lady Trojans, winning seven of their 
last eight matches, became the first Taylor 
volleyball team to win the NCCAA district 
championship. They were also the first to 
play in the NCCAA national volleyball tour- 

At the district tournament, Coach Jill 
Wyant was named Coach of the Year, and 
sophomore Laurel Kinzer was named MVP 

for the tournament action. 

Laurel was also the first Taylor volleyball 
player to be named to the NAIA team, and 
was further recognized at the nationals as an 

Records broken this year include the team 
hitting record, the team blocking record, the 
individual blocking record (Michelle Hollar) 
and the individual kill percentage (Kinzer). 

Coach Wyant noted "This is the most 
exciting team I've ever coached because of its 
enthusiasm, youth, eagerness to learn, and 
willingness to make changes. 

"This is also the most coachable team I've 
ever had. I'm looking forward to next year 
with bigger and better things in mind," she 

Wyant also advised that this year's young 
team would not lose any seniors to 
graduation, so next year should be "bigger 
and better." 

She was also grateful for all the 
encouragement from TU fans, including 
prayers, signs, and "just being there for us." 
Remember," she added, "Let your heart be 
filled with praise..." 

Vollcvball C>0 81 

Trojans Finish 25-8; 13-0 at Home 

Above; Jim Bushur works the ball. Right: Robby Phillips gets a 
jumper. Opposite page, top: The Taylor Trojan basketball team, 
including (front row, 1-r) Ryan Sorrell, Robby Phillips, Jim Bu- 
shur, Jay Teagle, Steve Fortenberry, Scott Dean, Doug Baker, 
and Eric Foister. Back row: Jeff Marsee, trainer; Steve Hewitt, 
Assistant Coach; Paul Patterson, Coach; Pete Newhouse, Rod 
Chandler, Dale Miller, Dave Romig, Allen Quails, Steve Wood, 
Joe Crist, Brian Crawley, Greg Habegger, Assistant Coach, and 
Mike Springer, Assistant Coach. Bottom left: Senior Steve For- 
tenberry takes aim at the foul line. Bottom right: Jay Teagle 
grabs a rebound. 

Despite problems of inexperience which local sports 
statisticians felt would hamper the Taylor Trojan basketball 
team this year, the group had another outstanding season 
with a 25-8 record. 

Additionally, they were unbeaten on their own home turf, 
with o 13-0 tally in Don Odie Gymnasium. 

Success was due, in part, to the continued leadership of 
Jim Bushur, Jay Teagle, and Robby Phillips, as well as the 
return of defensive genius Steve Fortenberry to the team. 

Team freshmen, including Dale Miller and Pete Newhouse, 
provided consistent scoring for the group, and sophomores 
Ryan Sorrell and Scott Dean completed the game-winning 
bocl^bone of the group. 

82 OO Basketball 


Basketball OO 83 

Lisa Anderson grabs the rebound, despite Franklin's action. 

The Lady Trojans kept their season 
exciting, all right, with an 11-14 record going 
into NCCAA play which did not accurately 
display how strong the group had become by 
the end of the season. 

The group's strong ending to an an up- 
and-down season had coach Marcey Girton 
increasingly confident of her young group, 
especially for future seasons. "We're about 
two or three years away from a consistently 
strong program," she noted. "But we're 
definitely on the right track." 

She relied on team seniors Lisa Anderson 
and Susan Kellum for most of the floor 
leadership. Anderson, at center, was second 
high scorer at 13 points per game, boasting a 
team-high 51 percent from the field. Guard 
Kellum averaged 9.4 points and 3.4 assists per 

The offensive strength got a real boost from 
the younger team members, too. Freshman 
Heidi White was the leading Trojan scorer at 
just under 15 ppg and averaged 7.7 rebounds 
per game. 

Heidi IS airborne for another good one. 

Heidi While shoots over the Marion players. 

84 O-o Lady's Basketball 

Lady Trojans Keep Season Exciting 

The 1987-88 Lady Trojan Basketball Team: (Front row. L-R) Laura May Chitwood, Melissa Brown, Christa Snyder, and Lori Arndd. Back: Beth Mignon, Heidi While, 
Lisa Anderson, Jennv Diller, Cathv Ryan, Shannon Warfield, Susan Kellurn, and Coach Marcy Girton. 

Coach Marcie Girton gives 
her ladies some pointers. 

Lady's Ba.skctball Oo 85 












yr -y^/^^-, '^-y- J\l-< <l'':f:>- 

7955 Trojan Baseball Team 


>3-'*i*n:;9t^- -t;^ 



86 OO Baseball 

Baseball Team Strong Defensively 


',^«'.h^k.jt.>^< ^*^f> 


*jt6^V:>|i "; 

Baseball (xs 87 

1988 Lady 




The Lady Trojans, ending a 
tough season 12-21, included 
(Front row, L-R) Joey Santy, 
Shannon Ford, and Kim Ward. 
Row two: Jennifer Gottfried, 
Jenny Baginski, Nancy Jo Talley, 
Wendy Schroyer, and Joy Alten- 
burg. Back Row: Beth Mignon, 
Stacey Bishop, Peggy Byerley, 
Heidi Crutchfield, Jodi Gomez, 
Jan Canze, Lisa Gendich, Cheryl 
Cina, and Coach Jill Wyant. 

SS OO Softball 

Soltbull OO XV 

Lady Trojans Strong in Every Event 

1988 Taylor Women's Track Team: (Front) Dana Deacon, Michelle Harlan, Marcia Walker, Kelley Hughes, Sherry Pomeroy. Michelle Hollar, Anne DeGraff, Susan 
McAllister, and Teresa Gollmer. Back Row: Head Coach Bill Bauer, Shannon Warfield, Lori Arnold, Wendy Smith. Monique Comstock, Melody Massman, Elena 
Martin, Stephanie Soucy, Christine Smart, Jenni Scott, and Coach Chris Coy. Not pictured: Coach Ron Korfmacher. 

90 O-o Women's Track 

Golfers Take NCCAA District Second 

. ^yr"'* 

1988 Taylor Golf Team: (front) Don Tibbetts. Todd Hardy. (Back) Greg Liddick, Erik Fahlen, Pete Setion, Jon Phillips, and Coach and Athletic Director Joe Romine. 

Coached by Taylor Athletic Director, the 1988 Taylor Golf team had another Creek Golt Course in early May. Senior Jon Phillips shot a 78 in the corn- 
very good season, capped by a NCCAA District 3 second at home at Walnut petition, which earned him a berth on the all-district team. 

Golf O-o 91 

Trojans Take 
NAIA Second 
in District 21 

The Taylor track team had an outstanding season, peaked 
by NAIA District 21 second with 157 points to Anderson 
University's 193. Mike Yoder won the 200 during the meet, as 
well OS setting a school record in the 100, for which he took a 

Rich Stanislaw also won the 400 hurdles, with Bob Bragg 
taking the 3,000 meter steeplechase. 

Scott Nieveen was the other Taylor winner, in the 400. Rob 
Church and Paul Meriweather also finished second and third 
in the 400, to sweep the event. 

Nieveen, Meriweather, Yoder, and Church also took the 
400 relay. Church, Stanislaw, Nieveen, and Yoder won the 
1 ,600 relay as well. 

Top Left: 1988 Trojan Track Team, including (Front Row, L-R) Ed Drisdell, 
Daron White. Mark Stocksdale. Simon Mungai, Jeff Sewell. Jerry Gerig, Doug 
Widdoes, Rusty Stewart, Walter Moore and Bob Bragg. Middle row: William 
Taylor, Tim Hertzler. Drew Stanislaw, Roger Love, Mike Woods, Mitch Conwell, 
John Faber, Mike White, Matt Garnett, Lance Sonneveldt, Nate Phinney, and 
Paul Meriweather. Back Row: Coach Chris Coy, Matt Schwartz, Willem Van 
Beek, Dan Foor, Eric Foister, Rob Church. Rich Stanislaw. Pedro Rosario, Mike 
Engler, Scott Nieveen, Mike Yoder, and Head Coach Bill Bauer. Not pictured: 
Coach Ron Korfmacher. 

Bottom Left: Kevin Roth splashes through the steeplechase. 

Above: Doug Widdoes (top) and Rusty Stewart (bottom) perform in the pole vault. 

Right: Mike White hits the water in the steeplechase. 

Track OO 93 

Weber Rides Taylor Horse in National 

Equestrian Club members — Below, Left to right, watching the competition are Sheri 
Russell, Charlene Mooney, and AM Davis. At right at bottom: members and mounts 
putting their best feet forward, both in English and Western saddle. Opposite page, top: 
Sheri Russell models her English attire. At bottom, the club gathers for outside ring 

94 oo Equestrian Club 




The Taylor Equestrian Club had one of its 
best seasons this year, with a national per- 
formance in North Carolina by Phil Weber 
and six riders qualifying for the regionals. 

The club consisted of 16 very cooperative 
and hard-working members, ranging from 
first time beginners to more advanced riders. 
The group was led by Brian Christie, who has 
advised the team for the past six years. It was 
coached by Dorothy and T.J. LeBlanc, a 
mother and son team at JTL Stables about ten 
minutes from campus. 

Club officers included President Lynn 
Robb, Vice-President Liz Foote, Secretary 
Sonja Shamblin, and Treasurer Mark 

Riders included Andrea Clock, Ali Davis, 
Wayne Dietrich, Liz Foote, Sue Kahlenbeck, 
Mikala Mishler, Charlene Mooney, Lynn 
Robb, Sheri Russell, April Sewell, Sonja 
Shamblin, Amy Spailinger, Katrina Stout, 
Phil Weber, and Jenna Westerf ield. 

Intramurals — the Games Continue 

N-^ w ,^ "jT^^v 

96 OO Inlramurals 

CS»''^'*"2ii IKjk., ^ 

Inlriirnurals &0 97 

Though Seniors Change , . . 

98 o<5 Seniors 


^K?! ^^I^fc.'^ -^^ySl • ':^a^^H 

Christ Does Not Change 

Seniors C>o 99 

Janeen Anderson 
Communications Studies 

Tim Anderson 
Business Systems 

Sheena Antonio 

Doug Baker 


Lisa Anderson 

Whitney Anderson 

Patricia Archibald 

Jeff Arnette 

100 OO Seniors 

Tammy Baranouski 

Teresa Bardsley 
Elementary Education 

Dale B. Barthauer 

Janelle Behm 



Tina Baranowski 

Denice Barker 

David P. Bates 
Business Systems 

lulic Belknap 

Seniors o-O '01 

Brian Berce 

Todd Bauder 

Mike Bertsche 





Kimberly Black 
Business Administration 

Carolyn Boberg 

Lori Boren 
Social Work 

Mark Brown 
Political Science 

Debra Brown 

Early Childhood Development 

102 O-O Seniors 

Mike Bupb 
Business Administration 

Cristinc M. Burehi 
Business Administration 

Michele Busic 

Tammy Byrnes 

Suzanne Cason 
Business Administration 

Daria Cheesman 

Brian Christy 

Rob Church 
Physical Education 

Seniors OO 1^3 

Carol (Meier) Cisson 

Lisa A. Clark 
Elementary Education 

Brent A. Clodgo 
Computer Science 

Lisa Clouse 

Amy Sue Coats 
Elementary Education 

Karen Collom 

Steve Connet 






/ ' 

« ■" 







Sherry Coulter 
Business Systems 

104 CXS Seniors 

Shelly Cramer 
Christian Education 

Randy Crowder 
Computer Science 

David S. Deardorff 

Tammy L. DeBoer 
Social Work 

Annette DeGraff 

Eric DcHaan 

Ruthanna Denton 

David Dickinson 

Seniors &0 105 

Wayne S. Dietrich 

Business Adm/Systems p 


Amy R. Dodge 


Mark D. Doud 
Political Science 

Scott Dubois 

Jennifer S. Diiler 
Elementary Education 

Michelle Donaldson 
Political Science/History 

Mary Drebaugh 

Amv Duchemin 

1 06 oo Seniors 

Cherylynne Duncan 
Political Science 

Rob Easier 

Erik A. Fahlen 
Business Administration 

Laura Ferkinhoff 
Elementary Education 








lA iffil fl 

Christine Durrer 
Social Work 

Cassandra Edgecomb 

Cindy L. Ferguson 

Wendy Fisher 
Communication Studies 

Seniors OO 107 

Shannon Ford 
Physical Education 

Steve Forlenberry 
Bible Literature 

Rebecca Pouts 



Lynette Francis 
Elementary Education 

Kim Frederickson 

Nancy Frettinger 

Stephen A. Fuchs 

Lora L. Fulks 
Elementary Education 

lOS CX5 Seniors 

Darrin Fuller 

Patli Gammagc 

John Geisz 
Mass Communications 

Jeffrey S. Gertz 
Communication Studies 

Sara Genshaw 
Communication Studies ' 

Judith Gibbons 

Social Work 

Rence D. Gilliat 
Music Education 

Melanic Glassburn 

Seniors OO 109 

Lorall Gleason 
Early Childhood Education 

Mark Goeglein 

Heidi Goehring 

Angle Gollmer 

Douglas B. Gradin 
Mass Communications 

Dionne Grant 

Steven Grimes 
Physical Education 

Chris Hachet 
Social Studies 

110 e>0 Sc-niors 

Karin Hall 

Steve Hallen 

Business Administration 

Leigh Hammond 

Crystal Handy 
Elementary Education 

Jay Hanko 

Robert Hanlon 
Computer Science 

Mark Harris 
Biblical Literature 

Sheila Harris 

Seniors C>0 1 1 1 

Sandy Havenga 
Business Administration 

Kay Heinlein 
Elementary Education 

Philip Herman 
Social Work 

Sharon Hilgerd 

Bertha L. Hilson 

David Hinman 

Timothy P. Hirons 

Todd Hoatson 

112 OO Seniors 

Karen Hollars 

Frances A. Horvath 

Daniel D. House 
Business Administration 

KcllcN Hughes 

Heather Hull 

Steven Huprich 

Jeff Hurd 

Jonathan M. Jeran 

Seniors O-O 113 

Ann Johnson 
Christian Education 

Marion Johnson 

Amy Jones 

Jennifer Jurgensen 
Communication Studies 

Mark A. Kach 

Anatoie T. Kamentz 

Debora Karacson 

Daria Kaskins 

1 14 c«o Seniors 

David R. Keck 

Beth L. Keller 

Mass Communications 

Susan Kellum 
Physical Education 

Dina Sue King 
Business Administration 

Timothv Kern 

Phillip King 

Karl A. Knarr 
Computer Science 

Kurt Knuth 

Seniors O-o 115 

Phillipe P. Kroeker 
Computer Science 

Jeffrey Lair 
Computer Science 

Janice Lambert 
Math Education 

David Lavin 
Computer Science 

Todd Ladd 

Clint Lake 
Computer Science 

Jodi Lambright 

David Ledbetter 

I 16 o^ Seniors 

John R. Lockvvood 
Business Administration 

Steve Long 

Joseph Maniglia 
Communication Studies 

Christy McKinley 

Mark McMahan 

Jennifer McNeill 

Cynthia Meeks 

Gail Mercer 

Seniors cX) ' I ^ 

Beth Mignon 
Physical Education 

Douglas Miller 

Jeffrey G. Miller 

Lisa Miller 
Recreational Leadership 

Stacia Miller 

Brian Mishler 

Mikala Mishler 
Business Administration 

Ben Morton 
Recreational Leadership 

118 CXf Seniors 

Jamie Mosier 
Political Science 



L ■ ? 

^M " 





Angie Muilett 
Social Work 


Simon Mungai 

Mike Muter 

Robert Muthiah 
Business Administration 



^1 ^^ , ^"^w''■| 

Kathy Nelson 
Social Work 

Carole L. Newing 
English/Political Science 

Scott Nicvcen 
Computer Science 

Seniors OO "9 

Kevin Nill 
Business Administration 

Scott A. Ooley 

Michael Parker 
Biblical Literature 

Rachel Parmelle 

Early Childhood Development 

Chris Paynter 
Computer Science 

Brian J. Peters 
Business Systems 

Jeffrey C. Peterson 

Doug Peterson 
Christian Education 

120 O-O Seniors 

Karen Pfister 

Jon Phillips 
Computer Systems 

Robby Phillips 
Business Administration 

Matt Piekarski 
Business Systems 

Nancy D. Plumb 

Sherry Pomeroy 

Stephen Powell 
Computer Systems 

Molly Platz 
Christian Education 

Seniors OO 121 

Megan B. Rarick 
Elementary Education 






Jeffrey Ray 

Jeff Regier 

Daryl Rider 

Paula Rieck 
Elementary Education 


Matthew Ringenberg 

Lynn E. Robb 
Business Systems 

Dawn Roberds 
Elementary Education 

122 OO Seniors 

Michelle Roberts 


Shelley Rogers 

Sharmaine RoUe 
Elementary Education 

Karen E. Rollund 

Pedro Rosario 
Recreational Leadership 

Darin Roth 

Business Administration 

Keith Roth 
Computer Science 

Wendy Rutherford 
Communication Studies 

Seniors &0 123 

Joey Santy 
Physical Education 

Ann Schladenhauffen 
Computer Science 

Tonya Sciiroyer 

Kim Shaddix 

Edwin J. Sass 
Christian Education 

Jamey Schmitz 

Carolyn Schumaker 

Becky J. Shannon 

124 c>0 Seniors 

Angela Smith 

Kimberly Smith 

Kelly Soencer 

Kelly J. Spencer 
Communication Studies 

Brian Smith 

Lisa Snapp 
Elementary Education 

Deborah Spencer 

Richard J. Stanislaw 
Political Science 

Seniors &0 '25 

Faith Stauffer 
Mass Communications 

Scott Stephens 
Business Systems 

Mari< Stocksdale 
Secondary Education 

Kay Stotts 

Kimberly Stephens 

Charles Stewart 
Christian Education 

Beverly Stoops 
Social Work 

Steven Swing 
Computer Science 

126 oo Seniors 

Rebecca Swofford 
Social Work 

Jeffrey Thomas 

Paul A. Thompson 




^ ^ 

■, j 





Gregory Thorne 
Computer Science 

Julianne Tiede 

Antony Uggen 
Social Studies 

Leanne Vannattan 

Rita Verscndaal 

Seniors oo 127 

Anne E. Wagner 
Art Education 

Kimberly K. Ward 
Medical Technology 

Janelle Walton 

Mark Wenger 

Matt Wengeru 

Jeffrey Wetherill 
Bible Literature 

Quinn White 

Tammy Widdoes 

Communication Studies 

!28 OO Seniors 

Susan Wiles 

Rochelle L. Wilkie 
Political Science 

Lori Williams 

Toni Williams 

Gregory Wilson 
Business Systems 

Laura Wilson 

Mass Communications 

Daniel Winters 

Julie T. Wiseman 
Medical Technology 

Seniors OO 129 

Larissa Wolf 
Elementary Education 

Keith A. Wright 
Social Studies 

Michael L. Yoder 
Political Science 

Julia Zehnder 

Robin Worst 

Menda L. Wright 
Communications Educa- 

Denise Yircott 

Mass Communications 

1 30 O-o Seniors 

Seniors OO 13i 

Off Campus Housing Becomes Popular 

Lemeita Abshear 

Jennifer Alberson 

Lori Anderson 

Robert Anderson 

Whitney Anderson 

April Armstrong 

Jennifer Austin 

Rod Baccus 

John Bachman 

Jeff Bailey 

Lori Banks 

Jerry Baughey 

Beth Benjamin 

David Benjamin 

Shawna Bowlin 

Amy Brown 

Jeff Brown 

Jill Burke 

Larry Butt 

Shirley Burton 

Rachel Byler 

Debi Gallant 

Ron Campbell 

Jan Canze 

Andrea Carr 

Andrea Clock 

Karen Clouston 

Deborah L. Cook 

Jennifer Craig 

Jill Crouch 

Scott Cummings 

Martha Dennen 

David Diller 

Julie Embree 

John Filby 

Jan Finkbeiner 

Lisa Foster 

Ryan Frauhiger 

Martha Godfrey 

Jill Godorhazy 

Teresa Gollmer 

Troy Gongwer 

Jennifer Hammel 

John Hapner 

Shawn Harkness 

William Hatfield 

Charles Hess 

Michelle Hoekstra 


132 CX3 Off Campus Housing 

as Taylor experiences Growing Pains 

Michelle Hollar 
David Home 
Richard Home 
John Hossack 
Mall Hurl 
Tim Imperial 

Debbie Kahn 
Bud Kay 
Dawn Keller 
James Land 
Jeff Leichly 
Terri Leino 

Darlene Lofgren 
Claudia Logan 
Healher Long 
Cmdy Ludwig 
Reann Lydick 
Dean Mantha 

Lynelle McMullen 
Brian Miller 
David Moellering 
Seth Musselman 
Julie A, Nefl' 
Carol Newhouser 

Shawn Pala 
Clyde Parker 
Lisa Puck 
Melissa Pucketl 
Julia Resch 
Shirley Rider 

April Sewell 
Sonya Shamblin 
Brian Shivers 
Jennifer Shivers 
Lisanne Shape 
Chnsta Snvder 

Kalrina Sloul 
Kcnl Syman/ik 
Kim Taccella 
Margo Lynn Ticde 
Gina Trejo 
Mark J. L'nger 

Mel Valde/ 
Suzanne Walker 
David W. Woodring 
Sleven A. Wolfe 

OH Campus Housmg 'X^ 133 




Dara Bass 

Jennifer Blum 

Cheryl Clark 

Ruby Duszton 

Gretchen Edinger 

Crystal Lambright 

Mandi Peterson 

Merry M. Rosz 

Laura Schneck 

Nancy Jo Talley 

Shelley Utter 

Michelle Yoder 

Michelle Martin 

Shannan Morris 

Debby Moore 

Pop Can RaidSy Punch Tasting, Picnics: 

After long nights of slaving over popcorn 
poppers and mixing cookie dough for 300 
cookies, time consuming fundraisers this 
year were abandoned for simplistic pop can 

And although their yearbook picture with 
Petra did not turn out, the ladies had some 
interesting highlights. A wing meeting last 

January was a surprise birthday party for 
those with summer birthdays, including the 
three Michelles on the floor. 

They also enjoyed an October outing to the 
Windy City, as 13 couples spent a day in 
Chicago sight-seeing, shopping, and sampling 
Gino's and Giordano's pizza. 

An evening of movies, games, and pizza 

created some interesting situations, as the 
girls were forced to get closer than they 
desired to some people during a game of 
"stack 'em." 

They have also become the only floor on 
campus whose occupants do not care that 
they don't have wing shirts. 

134 OO Floors 

Joy Altenburg 
Debbie Benson 
Anna Brane 
Alychia Brumbaugh 
Jill Conner 
Kala Craig 

Diana Crosson 
Susan Ebanks 
Debbie Foster 
Natalie Green 
Janelle Hall 
Janelle Hershberger 

Tamara King 
Kristie Kuhnle 
Kathleen Mervine 
Maria Myer 
Becky Roost 
Marcy Roost 

Kathleen Saylor 
Jenni Scott 
Jill Seaman 
Becky Winterholter 
Lauri Winterholter 




The English Floors Had FUN! 


English residents even had fun on snowy walks to the DC. 

Iloors OO 135 

Marcy Brenneman 

Julie Brackin 

Kristi L. Brown 

Sheri Bedi 

Sharon Dve 

Shari Ehresman 

Marlis Farmwald 

Mary Glensmen 

Karen Kraft 

Maria Koelsch 

Susan Konold 

Teresa Larimore 

Laura Menningen 

Debbie Miller 
Christine Neideck 

Second North 

and Second 

Center English 

Tammy Ortman 

Heather Parker 

Amy Pertee 

Ellen Rennie 

Maria Willis 

I 16 O-o Floors 

Kathy Rosenlhall 
Sheri Russell 
Shannon Simpkins 
Stephanie Soucy 

Lori Arnold 
LiesI Boggs 
Lisa Cassar 
Tricia Cassity 
Julie Chandler 
Shellv Fickau 

Jennifer Gianopulos 
Mollv Gingery 
N. Ji'll Herman 
Annette S. Herman 
Adele M. Heinrich 
Terry Lefebvre 

Brigid McFadden 
Rebecca R. McMillan 
Yvonne Morrow 
Jennifer Price 
Amy Robins 
Sarah Riley 

Second Center English 

Floors OO I 37 

Pam Agee 

Stacy Bishop 

Gretchen Burwick 

Ann Calkins 

Cama L. Cooper 

Leah Dunlap 

Mary Ellis 

Kimberly Evans 

Michelle Frantz 

Kirsten Fox 

Dana Goldstone 

Susan McAllister 

Laura Mihara 
Kamela Moore 
Lynda Nelson 
Missy Nieveen 
Kristen Plaggemars 
Carmel Tansy 

Second South English 

The ladies of Second South English have had a zany year, with 
spaghetti left over for days from a wing spaghetti picnic, for example. 
The group loved picnics this year —oriental picnics, junk food picnics, 
and regular American picnics. 

They also went to a campus movie for a pick-a-date, then blindfolded 
the guys, stole their car keys, and kidnapped them to Chi- Chi's in 
Muncie for fried ice cream. 

They have stenciled boxer shorts to match their wing shirts, too, this 
year, and used them for aerobics every night at 9:30 p.m. 

Making other uses of their artistic talents, they had a black and 
white party with all of the decorations and food in black and white. 
They loved all sorts of parties, especially bowling and ice cream 
outings with their brother floor. 

1 38 CXD Floors 

Stephanie Summers 
Amy Vrhovnik 
Maroline Wells 
Kimberly Whitman 

Debbie Barger 
Amy Beutler 
Michelle Curley 
Sharon Erny 
Valerie Flower 
Sonya Good 

Lois Hochstetler 
Sharon Jones 
Teresa J. Knecht 
Amy Lynn 
Sue Mclnlire 
Debby Midwood 

Lisa Moritz 
Caryn Reed 
Jill Richmond 
Julianne Rose 
Pam Scott 
Maryann Spahr 

English Floors: 

Second Souths 

Third North 

Third North English had a really good year, thanks to its brother 
wing, Third Morris. The wings had a formal punch tasting party in 
their banquet room, along with a midnight Communion at Christmas. 

They also had a Chicago trip together, for Third North's day in the 
city. And on a trip to Ft. Wayne (Cheddar's and the mall) the wings 
played twister at a rest stop. 

For pick-a-dates, the ladies' favorites were bowling and a weiner 
roast in November, and a Christmas informal to the Flying Tomato, 
where everyone was scattered all over the place. After the informal, 
the group watched a "Christmas Story" at Taylor. 

Third North English counts itself unique because it is a floor of 
"ones," each helping to make ONE whole. For example, they included 
one senior, one room full of personal touch staff, one weather girl, one 
campus D.C., and one "Airy Mann." 

Also, one woman with a severe case of SMP, one "intercontinental," 
one room full of encouragement, one flower and one rose, one teddy 
bear room, one strawberry queen, one bahama mama, one mini 
mouse, one New Jersey "soda and sneakers" advocate, one curley in 
chorale, and one Lois, making up one peachy keen wing! 

Floors OO 139 

Outrageous! That may be 
the best way to describe Third 
Center English's 2 a.m. donut 
runs, eating at the D. C. rac- 
coon-style, and creating the 
annual 10-ft. long sundae. 

And the 3CE girls are not 
only active; they have been 
adventurous. Julie, Tammy, 
Ellen and Shelly traveled the 
world over from Israel to 
Jamaica to Ecuador. 

Talk about faces going 
places —they even lost a 
wingie to Wengatz (Hall 
Director, that is.) But as life 
got tougher, they got into bet- 
ter shape. 

Carolyn Abigt 

Emily Alexander 

Jenifer Arendt 

Lorrie C. Arendt 

Stephanie Bruther 

Rebecca Commons 

Janell DeTurk 

Tammy Doornbos 

Dorothy Ensinger 

Lisa Fuller 

Jenni Gottfried 

Rebekah Haddad 

Julie Himes 

Ruth Hunter 

Tiffin Long 

Alicia McCracken 

Sherri MacFayden 

Esther Meier 

Michelle Moeschberger 

Patricia Mumme 

Lisa Nordengren 

Third Center 

Lori Nordengren 

Ellen Suter 

Amy Spallinger 

Jodi Vandermeulen 

Pamela Westering 

140 OO Floors 

Kathryne Tuynman 
Heidi Wliite 
Laura Zorovich 

Julie Bakke 
Janet Bendure 
Jill Bolton 
Lisa Bucher 
Cheryl Cina 

Kelli Gerber 
Kristine Hansen 
Lori Horvath 
Jill Jousma 
Kelly Koehlinger 

Beth Kroger 
Melody Massman 
Heidi Newhouse 
Deborah Patterson 
Lisa Reanv 

Third South 


Floors OO 141 

English Cellar 

The ladies of English Cellar have a unique 
closeness that makes living on the floor really 
special, they say. "We just love to sit around 
and watch tv, and just hang out." 

They also note that freshmen NEVER 

Floor favorites for this year included a 
phoneathon, pick— a— dates (bowling and 
pizza were favorites), the annual Valentine's 
Day party, and, on a more serious note, Bible 

An ice cream party on the roof the Sunday 
before exams proved to be the hands-down 
favorite floor activity of the year, however. 

Suzy Baetsle 

Julie Bagley 

Kim Barnett 

Peggy Byerley 

Dana Deacon 

Susan Decider 

Jill Edwards 

Jill A. Hay 

Connie Hoppes 

Sheena Green 

Anglea McKinney 

Sonya Merrill 

Kip Meyer 

Karen Strong 

Kelly Sweet 

English Cellar 

142 CX3 Floors 

Kimberly Beachy 
Heather Chase 
Julie Daughey 
Susan Dcboer 
Alesha Dcnhartigh 
Marcia Diller 

Jill Faber 
Melinda Fine 
Heather Ferguson 
Melinda Flynn 
Jane Hofmeister 
Lisa Johnson 

Lisa S. LeMasters 
Tracy Mains 
Jenny McCormick 
Diana J, Rediger 
Laura Sampson 
Sherrv Stevens 

Second Gerig had an extremely busy year, 
with an intramural team that made it to the 
playoffs despite some inexperience. Their 
freshman— upperclass ratio was 50-50, with a 
new student initiation second semester 
because they added four new students. 

Despite being a well-rounded, traveled 


group (they represent states from Maine to 
California), the SAO (Stand As One) ladies 
had trouble getting around outside the Upland 
area. They had a tendency to get lost on trips 
and functions, and even had their haywagon 
stopped by the police! 

Their most memorable activities were a 
Valentine decorating party and a Christmas 
banquet in Indianapolis at the Spaghetti 
Factory. They shopped at Union Station and 
exchanged angel/mortal gifts. 

They also visited the Children's Museum in 
Indy and organized a hayride, hot dog roast, 
and pumpkin carving contest in the fall. 

Two engagements in the same month also 
made the year memorable, along with service 
projects like raking leaves for Halloween and 
selling pumpkin cookies with messages for a 


;a«ie,^i<(.,^ . 

Second Gerig 

Moors OO 143 


Donna Becker 

Stacey Bern 

Dawn Bernd 

Wendy Bilen 

Kristy Brailey 

Melissa Brown 

Windi Burrus 

Patty Carroll 

Kathryn Cherwek 

Jennifer Clark 

Christine Colthorp 

Alyson Flynn 

Jennifer Granneman 

Amy Grant 

Lissa Groff 

Julie Hall 

Pennie Hoeksema 

Lana Hunteman 

Jill Jenkins 

Shelley Lawrence 

Angle Mast 

Lori McGuffin 

Lauri Mullens 

Janet Oestreke 

Stephanie Piper 

Tammy Ortman 

Laura Rich 

Michelle Spencer 

Jennifer Vaneerden 

Toiyonna Vieth 

Elizabeth Wood 


Third Gerig 

144 CX) Floors 

Christopher Beatty 
Brad Brummeler 
Scott Clarke 
Kevin Cole 
Jeff Cramer 
Michael Engler 
George Fletcher 
Lukas Gogis 

Tim Hunteman 
Scott Lepor 
Doug Mantha 
Chad J. Massey 
Trenton Mays 
Scott McMillen 
Chris Moey 
Brian Montgomery 

Don Reynolds 
G. Mike Robertson 
Kevin Roth 
Tom Steffes 
Brad Stumbo 
David S. Thompson 
Thor Thomson 
Kevin Vanderbrink 

Fourth Gerig 

Third and 
Fourth Gerig 

FOSO's very "best" activity this year was its canoe trip, not coun- 
ting the wonderful campground they found. It did have, as one of the 
Fourth Gerig brothers promised, running water, but they found out the 
hard way that the water was in a stream. 

Even the stream was short on water, they remember. But all in all, 
it was a great hike downstream. They plan to forget the canoes next 
time, and find a better way to catch fish. 

Floors Oo 145 

John Erik Aho 

Brian Bascom 

Doug Baxter 

Kraig Binkerd 

Kevin Bluemel 

Jeff Blume 

Warren Brown 

Matthew K. Cordes 

David Cunitz 

Andy Elam 

Bruce House 

Gary Gallup 

Jared Gerig 

Steve Hinger 

Mike Isaacs 

Mark Landt 

Scott Moeller 

Stephen Moore 

Raymond Nairn 

William Neal 

Kent Oakley 

Christopher Otto 

Phil Planck 

Nils Ranneklev 

Duane Roberts 

Brad Smith 

Denny Smith 

Jeff Stonick 

Bjorn J. Thomsen 

Philip Weber 

John White 

David Wynn 

Daniel Young 

First Morris 


First and 

The Second Morris "Sammy IPs" were 
obvious on campus this year, with many 
leadership positions going to the group. But 
they had their problems, just like everyone 

They reported, for instance, that it was nice 
converting their lounge from a Holiday Inn 
back into a lounge, what with the campus 
overcrowding problems first semester. 

For more traditional fun, the gentlemen 
had a mall scavenger hunt in Muncie and an 
overnight bike trip with a pizza party and 
games. They also had a "guys night out" 
bowling party, and were reported to have 
enjoyed the more complicated but equally 
entertaining spring formal. 

146 o-o Floors 

Peter Vrhovnik 
Don Warrick 
Mike White 
Chuck Wills 
David Winters 
Craig Wood 

David Abraham 
Eduardo Barahuna 
Michael Belcher 
John Brooks 
Joel Brown 
Aaron Clevenger 
Alan Cunningham 
Michael Donaldson 
Joel Durkovic 
Tom Halleen 
Todd Hardy 
Paul Henningsen 
Ed Hepker 
Tim Holz 
Scott Hoskins 
David Johnson 
Jack Lugar 
John Madison 
David Mason 
Michael Miller 
Scott Miner 
Richard Muthiah 
Daniel Seibel 
Lance Sonneveldt 
Ralph Stewart 
Greg Swanson 
Michael Veach 

-. '1^^ 


Second Morris 

Floors OO 147 


Steve Barrendse 

Marc Boznango 

Wally Campbell 

Rob Cochrane 

Troy Felton 

Tim Grable 

John Higgins 

Tim Holl 

David Kaufmann 

Jeff Kiger 

Eric Roller 

Greg Kroeker 

Scott McGlassen 

Tom Meeks 

Joe Miller 

R. Timothy Murphy 

Nathan Peterson 

Mark Rice 

Mark Ringenburg 

Dirk Rowley 

W. Matthew Shinn 

Kevin Sloat 

Ken Smith 

Matthew Storer 

Joe Sweitzer 

Third Morris 

THE BROTHERHOOD "Snake" Kissinger rushes off to catch that llighl while the Brotherhood keeps the airport safe for democracy. 

14X O-O Floors 



Fourth Morris 

Peter Amundson 
Doug Atkins 
Mitch Beaverson 
Eric Campbell 
Scott Carr 
William Cleaver 
Joel Covert 
Steve Devries 
Brian Ellinger 
Todd Erdman 
Kevin Firth 
Jonathan Halterman 
Scott Kooistra 
Brian Lind 
Peter McFarland 
Alan Mercer 
George Of'fenhauser 
Christopher Peddie 
Randy Seidenhammcl 
Terry Shade 
Scott Sheeley 
Kevin Small 
James Strickland 
Douglas Strohl 
Colin Strutz 
William Taylor 

Penthouse did it all again this year for 
social reasons only, surviving such trauma as 
the WWIII telephone etiquette after the mid- 
night ride of the trashmen. The floor was 
dedicated to social excellence and the pursuit 
of being No. 6. 

They evacuated Olsen Hall in p mock fire 
just to see what the ladies wear to bed. In 
other fun, they got 28 new floormates and 
started new traditions, such as La Bamba 

They made the beautiful color console 
lounge TV the focal point of the floor, thus 
creating a whole generation of couch potato 

Penthouse again proved that they tower 

over the campus by winning some key 

intramural football games, throwing the best 

Christmas party on campus, and attending 

the raucus turkey night pick-a-date with the 

Third Moriis claims to house the "foremost 

independent drama troupe in western 
civilization" with the development of the 
Mizpah Players. The awesome array of 
creative minds on this floor occasionally jells 
into brilliance, as indicated by "Copacabana" 
and "Revolution," unparalleled Nostalgia 
Night acts showing their sensitivity to various 

They also displayed their gifts through a 
slide show "The Brotherhood and You," 
another Taylor first. Their social year was 
kicked off with a punch tasting party with 
their sister floor, 3NE. 

Moors OO 149 

Beth Balhje 

Susan Benson 

Cari Britton 

Jeanne Clouse 

Lori Dawes 

Jennifer Dominquez 

Kathy Durham 

Elizabeth Foote 
Lisa Gammage 
Robin Hartley 
Deborah Horn 
Paige Hussung 
Catherine Johannidcs 
Linda Lewis 

Connie Lindman 

Laurie Livernois 

Amy Miller 

Melissa Miller 

Shawn Mulder 

Martha Rodell 

Kira Rucker 

First East Olsen 

1 50 OO Moor 

Laura Anderson 
Rebek,ah Binnington 
Jane Buckley 
Virginia Clayton 
Heather D'Arcy 
Leigh Evink 
Denise Groff 

Amy Grueser 
Angle Harvey 
Jodell Hendrickson 
Annette Herman 
Tammy Hittle 
Wendy Hosier 
Joellyn Johnson 

Linda Johnson 
Coneen Konya 
Sherri Lytle 
Stephanie Moody 
Sarah Nussbaum 
Kathy Payne 
Cami Piekarski 

Olsen Floors - 
First East and 
First West 

A happy moment outside of Olsen. 

Suzanne Anthony 

Kim Baumann 

Elizabeth Bell 

Susan Cosson 

Jamie Costas 

Jennifer Cutting 

Jeri Daubenmier 

Tonya A. Davis 

Tonya K. Davis 

Kim Deeks 

Tina Fares 

Ronda Gines 

Katie Hardin 

Beth Hartman 

Catherine Hay 

Krista Kellum 

Shannon Koons 

Jennifer Layton 

Lynn Leedy 

Melissa Malone 

Cara Meinert 

Charlene Mooney 

Connie Moorman 

Susan Popham 

Amanda Quant 

Leslie Sare 

Sherry Schrock 

Jane Sikkenga 

Traci Stewart 

Dara Stickell 

Cheri Taylor 

Kristine Vogt 

Jenifer Voskuil 

Susan Werb 

Tracy M. Workman 

Second West 

and Second 

East Olsen 

Advantages of dorm life — visits between dorms. 

152 oo Floors 

Stacy Acton 
Annalisa Bauman 
Gayle Benedetto 
Andrea Burns 
Shannon Brower 
Rebecca Brown 
Linda Brubaker 
Wendy Carlson 
Monique Comstock 
Robin Cragg 
Nancy Crum 
Heidi Crutchfield 
Cynthia Cox 
Tana Delaughter 
Amy Dyck 
Ashlyn Feil 
Sandy Freeman 
Michelle Harlan 
Wendy Hill 
Wendy Hopkins 
Marie Claude Julsaint 
Mandy Hess 
Heather Jeffrey 
Deborah Litsch 
Jackie McClure 
Joan Munson 
Lisa Paige 
Audra Reuter 
Kathy Smarrella 
Konda Smith 
Stephanie Taggarl 
Jerilynn Walton 
Darcy Waterman 
Corinne L, Willis 
Linda Witt 
Elisabeth B. Zehnder 

Second West Olsen 

Floors CXi 153 

Carol Anderson 

Ann Crabb 

Annjanelte Cuper 

Carin Dunberg 

Elyse Elder 

Stephanie Golden 

Deanna Gunter 

Beth Harrison 

Kathryn Hess 

Cheryl Hubers 

Sheri Lewis 

Martha Mann 

Jenny Mathis 

Donna Mickelson 

Amy Nordquist 

Jtilia Ott 

Suzy Peterson 

Shari Plueddemann 

Pamela Reeder 

Jenny Rogers 

Kathleen Smarella 

Kristin Schroeder 

Second Center Olsen 


1S4 OO Floors 

Elizabeth Thomas 
Heidi Von Gunten 

Jennifer Baginski 
Lisa Besecker 
Jodie Bowman 
Laura Mae Chitwood 

Emily Harris 
Lisa Jones 
Bonnie Macleish 
Julie Miner 

Jill Ploegman 
Cathy Ryan 
Wendy Shroyer 
Laurie Tacchella 

Third Center Olsen 

Hoors c>0 15? 

Dawn Bartow 

Shawn Clark 

Janice Cupp 

Suzanne Dcboer 

Ginny Demerchant 

Beth Dodds 

Amy Fischer 

Tami Fuhrman 

Jodiene Gamez 

Lisa Gendich 

Rebecca Groves 

Holly Halvorson 

Wendy C. Hochstettler 

Holly Hult 

Suzanne Huprich 

Diane Jelsema 

Laurel Kinzer 

Melissa Laiding 

Beth A. Miller 

Suzette Moeschberger 

Janine Newell 

Stephanie Novak 

Sue Reynolds 

Dawn Roth 

Diane Roth 

Cindy Steenblik 

Julie Stumbo 

Teresa Swanson 

Marjie Thompson 

Lisa Walter 

Kim Wicks 

Dena Wincman 

Kelly Boedeker 

Camie Brown 

Joleen Burkholder 

Olsen Floors: 
Third Easty 
Third West 

Third West Olsen began its year armed with 
some pretty heavy artillery, kidnapping their 
15 freshmen in various unmarked vehicles to 
the local donut shop for the annual 1 a.m. 
donut run. 

It was the beginning.... the beginning of a 
truly memorable year. 

The memories continue with thoughts of 
their brother wing, the incredible men of 2EW 
and their fondue— making abilities. In- 
tramural football was fun, too, with Coach 

Paul and some other guy who never showed. 

Then there was Brown County turned Indy 
with Penthouse... Alice in Wonderland... and 
the pick-a-group progressive dinner. 

Hook-up tag was also fun, along with 
serenading the campus dressed as nuns. 
Scruples and Pictionary were also exciting, 
along with breadmaking. Thanksgiving din- 
ner thanks to the Ft. Wayne hockey turkey 
giveaway, wheels trips, weekly obsessions, 
and paying tribute to all the men we've loved 
and lost. ...and lost. 

1 56 OO lloors 


Teri Burton 
Susan Carlisle 
Sue Conley 
Emily Cox 
Lynette Dyson 
Melissa Egolf 
Karin Feige 
Becky Gaertner 
Deanne Gaither 
Karin Gibson 
Jennifer Greene 
Amy Guillaume 
Shelly Hardesty 
Jodi Jacobsen 
Jodi Jamieson 
Jen Johnson 
Stephanie Kaper 
Judy Kraus 
Becky Litwiller 
Minda Mason 
Diane Mayer 
Tamitha McDonald 
Ann Miraglia 
Jennifer Moody 
Kathleen O'Brien 
Erika Peterson 
Mary I.. Pfister 

Lisa Schneck 
Deanna Slough 
Joellen Smelser 
Becky Smith 
Elyse Stirneman 
Rhonda Storck 
Shannon Thorne 
Amy Triplelt 

Third West Olsen 

Floors OO 157 

Jonathan Becker 

Kurt Bishop 

John Clark 

Sean Copeland 

Jay Dellis 

David Dunbar 

James Ebert 

John Stephen Faber 

Mark Foley 

Eric Graham 

David Granzine 

Mike Hamsher 

Jerald Hughes 

Rustin Johnson 

Daniel Knapp 

Michael Mortensen 

Brad Newlin 

Brian Prell 

Fun In 
First East: 
Longer Quiet 
Hours f Study 

Greg Riegsecker 

James Schick 

Dan Smith 

Tom Thornburg 

The men of First East Wengatz count themselves unique, they say 
with a rather tongue in cheek attitude, because of their devotion to 
almost constant study this year. 

They did not even have pick-a-dates, because they "just needed the 
time to study." Once in a wing meeting, a guy brought up the idea of 
having a pick-a-date, but he was immediately banned from the group. 

Their most fun all year, they remember, was a massive study 
session with their sister wing. It was so productive that if they could 
have done so, they would have planned it for every night. 

They also visited a calculator factory, which also turned out to be 
very profitable. The group is now able to fix its own calculators. 

They moved their quiet hours this year to 9:31 p.m., and are hoping 
to change them to begin at 9 p.m. next year. This has been such a suc- 
cessful venture, they report, that everyone finished the year with a 
GPA of 3.9 or better. (One actually finished with a 3.7, but they kept 
him anyway.) 

158 o-O Floors 

Tad Atkinson 
Chris Brooks 
Richard Crist 
Steve Erickson 
Mark Gove 
John D. Hein 

Kurt Holmire 
Jim Jurgensen 
Steve Kroeker 
Eric J. Manko 
Daniel P. McLaughlin 
Troy Mounsey 

Dan Tibbets 
Todd Pfister 
Jeffrey Rader 
Dean Ricks 
Matthew Schmidt 
Bill Schurcman 

Toby L. Shope 
Eric R. Smith 
Dave Vermeesch 
Scott Welker 
Andrew Wesner 

Wengatz Floors: 
First East 
And First 
West Wengatz 

Hoors CX3 159 

Gary Bauer 

Kent Culberson 

Brian Daun 

Dan Embree 

Rod Gerig 

Donovan Harshbarger 

Tim Henriques 

Jeff Kaper 

Corey Knapp 

Mike Kooistra 

Second East Wengatz had an interesting 
year, from a Frisbee championship after 
Brian Peters brought Frisbee football to 
IIEW to new chapel seating. 

Their personal interests were equally as 
varied, from music majors to hall golf to 
dates— both of them. The group also enjoyed 
(?) temporary housing, Saturday night 
bowling, their rocket launch, skip-a-veal, a 
wing bath, Ski's stereo system, and biking. 

Second East Wengatz 

Brad Leach 

Darren Nyce 

Scott Popejoy 

Philip Rowley 

Todd Syswerda 

IdO CXJ Floors 

Nate Bartow 
John Bollow 
Robert M. Boyack 
Lance Brookshire 
Dan Burden 
Mark Daubenmier 
David Durkes 

Philip Elwood 
Stu Gilkison 
Joel Keiser 
Ken Kuick 
Tom Martin 
Aaron Neuman 
Mark Nevil 

Mark Olsen 
Kevin Page 
Bruce Peters 
Stacey Peters 
Chris Plummer 
Jeff Robbins 
Kevin R. Schwartz 

Tim Schoon 
Rob Scroggins 
Christian Swanson 
Rob Thomas 
Todd Wagoner 
Daron White 
Ronnie Wright 

Second West Wengatz 

Floors OO 161 

Andrew Allen 

Brian Brown 

Kenneth Burkard 

Jim Church 

Sean Cogburn 

Joe Crist 

Gardner Dellano 

Dana Fisher 

Craig Handy 

Steven Haase 

Eddie Judd 

Cairy Littlejohn 

Peter Newhouse 

Victor Piper 

Andrew Roberts 

Mark Routt 

Jeffrey Smith 

Robert Stover 

Mark Sweeting 

Jon Vandegriff 

Rodney S. Whitaker 







162 OO Floors 

William Baxendale 
Chris Boyd 
Doug Browning 
Henry Cooper 
Brian L. Crabtree 

Jody Fausnight 
Cecil Ferguson 
Matt Garnett 
Jon Kastelein 
Mark Kincade 

Nathan Phinney 
Ken Reiskytl 
Mitch Sayler 
Fred Stayton 
Ronald Symonette 

Bill Baxendale adds his voice to Nostalgia Night music. 

Floors O-o 163 

Michael Bajza 

Willem Banbeek 

Randy Bertka 

Yanay Boayue 

Noel Carpenter 

Scott Dean 

Andy Eicher 

Mitch Evers 

Todd Hall 

Bradford Irvin 

David McPherson 

Brett Means 

Joe Michaelec 

Todd Morgan 

Chad Peters 

Matt Schwartz 

Alexander Smidt 

Jonathan Souzis 

Jay Teagle 

t h^ 

Packing to leave Wengatz for the summer. 

Wengatz Floors: 

Third East 

and Third 

West Wengatz 

Third West Wengatz had some important visitors this year, 
including Taylor President Jay Kesler, who was invited to a pizza 
party and shared food and spiritual as well as school-related thought 
with the residents. 

They also invited the Faculty Four on a "Just Say No Night," 
enjoying rock and roll with about 200 visitors. The men were just 
saying no to classes, dancing, girls, quiet hours, and homework. Not to 
be completely negative, they also said "yes" to FUN. 

The group describes itself as "35 psycho and sociopathic per- 
sonalities," who through it all accept each other as they are and don't 
put up any fronts. They just want everyone to be themselves. 

164 OO Floors 

Bradley Beitzel 
Shaun Bowser 
Curt Cutforth 
Brent Davenport 

Eric Duff 
Bill Fowler 
Dan Heckman 
Brian Luke 

Ron Mundt 
Ed Possing 
Mike Sell 
Jonathan Sprunger 

Third West Wengatz 

Floors CX3 165 

Though Faculty Changes . . . 

166 OO Faculty 

Christ Does Not Change 

Faculty oo 167 

Taylor Board of Trustees 

Taylor Trustees perform one of their favorite duties of the year — dressing in their caps and gowns for graduation services. 




Mrs. LaRita R. Boren 

Dr. Beverly E. Brightly* 

Mr. Theodore P. Brolund 

Dr. Lester C. Gerig 

Dr. John O. Hershey 

Mr. V. Donald Jacobsen 

Mr. John McDougall 

Dr. L. Marshall Welch 

Dr. Samuel F. Wolgemuth Mr. Arthur Muselman 

Dr. Joseph D. Brain 
Dr. Fred S. Stockinger 
Mr. J. Thomas Crutchfield 


Mr. Robert C. Gilkison 
Dr. Carl W. Hassel 



Mr. James H. Barnes, Jr. 
Mr. R. David Boyer 
Mr. Thomas A. Dillon 
Mrs. G. Roselyn Kerlin 

Mr. Kenneth Flanigan 
Dr. J. Paul Gentile 
Mr. John Home 
Mr. Richard Russell 

168 Oo Trustees 




Mr. Carl W. Hassel, Chairman 

Dr. Jay Kesler, President of the University 

Mr. Theodore F. Brolund, Vice Chairman 

Mr. R. David Boyer, Secretary 

Mr. Robert C. Gilkison, Treasurer and Chairman of the Business 

and Finance Committee 
Mrs. Roselyn Kerlin, Chairman of the Academic Affairs 

Dr. Fred S. Stockinger, Chairman of the Student Development 

Mr. Richard Russell, Chairman of the University Advancement 

Mrs. LaRita R. Boren, Member-at-Large 
Dr. Joseph D. Brain, Member-at-Large 



Mrs. G. Roselyn Kerlin, Chairman 
Dr. Joseph D. Brain 
Dr. Beverly E. Brightly 
Mr. J. Thomas Crutchfield 
Dr. L. Marshall Welch 


Mr. Richard Russell, Chairman 

Mr. Thomas A. Dillon 

Dr. J. Paul Gentile 

Dr. Lester C. Gerig 

Mr. John Home 

Mr. V. Donald Jacobsen 


Mr. Robert C. Gilkison, Chairman 

Mrs. LaRita R. Boren 

Mr. R. David Boyer 

Mr. Theodore F. Brolund 

Mr. Kenneth Flanigan 

Dr. John O. Hershey 


Dr. Fred S. Stockinger, Chairman 
Mr. James H. Barnes 
Mr. John McDougall 
Mr. Art K. Muselman 
Dr. Sam F. Wolgemuth 

♦Notes: 1 . Dr. Carl Hassel, Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Jay Kesler, President of the University, are ex officio members 

of all committees. 

2. The chairman of each standing committee shall serve as a nonvoting member of each other standing committee. 

Trustees o-o 169 

Kesler Provides Strong Leadership 

Jay L, Kesler 
Taylor President 

President Kesler and his wife, Janie, enjoy a quiet moment at home. 

as Taylor Rates National Seventh 

Daryl R. Yost 
Taylor Provost, Executive Vice-President 

Provost Yost and his spouse, Joenila, are an integral part of the rapidly growing Taylor family. 

Faculty Adapts as University Expands 


Ray Bullock. Craig Moore 




FRONT: Robert V. Gortner 
and E. Stanley Rotruck. BACK: 
Lee E. Erickson, Robert P. Ben- 
jamin, James G. Coe, John W. 

172 OO Faculty 

Biology Department 

FRONT: Paul E. Rolhrock and Andrew P. Whip- 
ple. BACK; Richard Squiers, George W. Harri- 
son, and Timothv J. Burkholder. 


Stanley Burden. Leroy Kroll, and Daniel Ham- 

Faculty C»o 173 




Dale Jackson, Jessica Rousselow, 
Charles Kirkpatrick, Marilyn 
Walker, and Oliver Hubbard. 


FRONT ROW: Jane Hodson and Marian Ken- 
dall. BACK ROW: Robert J. Freese, Helen Rog- 
ers, Daniel Jeran, David Hess, Marcia Benjamin, 
and Joseph Burnworth. 

174 CX) Faculty 


FRONT ROW: Jennifer Collins, Jean St. John, 
Clark Hoitsberry, Timothy Gales, Marilyn La- 
•vanchy. MIDDLE ROW: Sandra Johnson, Kent 
Schmidt, Michael Schadler, Paul Rowan, and 
James Botta. BACK ROW: Richmond Bailey, 
Stephen Olsen, and Robert Hodge. 


FRONT: Rhonda Gretillat, Beulah Baker, and 
Susan Winger. BACK: William Fry, Edward 
Dinse, Kenneth Swan, and Michael Buck. 

Faculty CXJ 175 


FRONT: Alan Winquist and Dwight Mikkelson. 
BACK: Roger Jenkinson and William Ringen- 


FRONT: (L-R) David Dickey, Michelle Hols- 
berry. Artis Hoffman, Laurie Wolcott, Barbara 
Stevens, Dwight Mikkelson, and Irma Newman. 
ROW TWO: Lois Weed, Wilma Rowe, Billie 
Manor, and Ranae Quails. ROW THREE: Edwin 

176 OO Faculty 




Connie Lightfoot, Tim Diiler. Art White, Leon 
Adkinson, and Waldo Roth. 

]\/f/jfll/}fM/wfi/»c William Ewbank. Paul Harms, David Ncuhouser, 
IVl Umt^rnUllLA ^^j 0^1^ Wcnger. 


Faculty «>o 177 




Carl Gongwer, Janet Loy, and Richard Dixon. 

: .::<^-»^i5SK*5*»::'^^v 


Ronald Sloan, Phillip Kroeker, Al- 
bert D. Harrison, Frederick B. 
Shulze, and Richard Parker. Not 
pictured — Barbara Dickey. 

178 O-O Faculty 

FRONT: Marcy Girton, William Bauer, Larry 
Winterholder, Jim Law, and Ron Korfmacher. 

Physical Education Department back Joe Ron ine Rchad Ca es JiH Wyant 

Paul Petterson, Mike Springer, and Dana Soren- 


Robert Wolfe and Roger Roth. 

Faculty OO 179 




Philip Loy and Stephen Hoffman. 

(Left to Right) Dale Heath, Win Corduan, Gary 

Religion Department ^^*'°"- ''''"' "°"'^' '^°'°^'^ P'"*' ^""^ ^y?.^^^^ 

Larry Helyer, and William Heth. 

180 OO Faculty 

:n-^ « 00 


Mark Cosgrove, Aian Meyer, and Joseph Lund. 




FRONT: (left to right) William 
Montgomery and Sharon Gray. 
BACK; Doug Rohrman, Alice 
Jackson, and John Wallace. 

Faculty O-o 181 


demic Affairs 

- Vice President of Aca- 


^^^^^^- iPf/HH 

^ ^ ^/ ^ 

CHARLES R. JAGGERS — Vice President for Uni- 

versity Advancement 

WYNN LEMBRIGHT — Vice President of Student 
Development and Services 

182 CfO Administration 

THOMAS G. BEERS — Associate Vice President for Ad- 

WALTER E. CAMPBELL — Associate Vice President for 
Student Development and Dean of Students 


JANICE SHAW CROUSE— Associate Vice President of 
Academic Affairs 

GEORGE GLASS — Assistant Vice President for Alumni 
and Institutional Relations 

STEVE MANGANELLO, Associate Director of Development, NELSON REDIGER, Associate Vice President for Development, and Sharon 
Witt, Associate Director of Development 

DAVID AYCOCK — University Psychologist and Director 

of the Counseling Center 

RANDALL DODGE — Director of Leadership Develop- 
ment and Student Programs 

BETTY FREESE — Director of Alumni Programs 

184 oo Administration 


. ';f III J' 



^5- ''S( 


HERBERT FRYE — Dean of Admissions 

ROBERT GRIFFIN — University Chaplin and Associate 
Dean of Students 

TIMOTHY W. HERRMAN — Associate Dean of Students 
and Director of Residence Life 

Administration OO 185 

t titer Sessions '87 

MARY KAY NUGENT — Assistant Dean of Admissions 

186 OO Administration 

PAUL LIGHTFOOT — Director of Landscaping 

Administration o-O 187 


JOHN W. WALLACE — Director of Continuing Education ' 

PAT ATKINSON — Admissions Office System Coordina- 

BETTY ANN ATKINS — Advancement Secretary 

r-":''.(''i'"-'-'-'?".V ■•-«■•'-■•"•■"• '■•' 


CONNIE GRIFFIN — Secretary to the Vice President of 
Academic Affairs 

188 OO Administration 

KAREN RICHARDS — Switchboard Operator 


— Daniel Yulzy 

Administration OO 189 

Though Indexes Change . . . 

190 cxj Index 

Christ Does Not Change 

Index oo 191 



Change . . 

Aaberg, Jeffery 
Abdon. Roy 
Abigt, Carolyn 140 
Abraham, David 147 
Abshear. Meleita 132 
Acton. Stacy 153 
Agee, Pamela 
Aho, John 146 
Akers, Todd 
Akins, Greg 

Alberson, Jennifer 54, 132 
Albrecht. Mark 
Alexander. Emily 140 
Allem. Andrew 
Altenburg. Joy 135 
Amundson, A. Peter 148 
Anama, Jeffrey 
Anderson, CaroILynn 154 
Anderson, Janeen 33 
Anderson, Laura 151 
Anderson. Lisa 
Anderson. Lori 132 
Anderson, Robert 132 
Anderson, Timothy 
Anderson, Whitney 132 
Angus, William 
Anthony. Suzanne 132 
Angus, William 
Anthony, Suzanne 152 
Antonio, Sheena 
Archibald, Patricia 
Arendt, Jennifer 140 
Arendt. Lorri 140 
Armstrong, April 132 
Arnette. Jeffery 
Arnold, Lon 137 
Askeland. David 
Atkins. Douglas 149 
Atkinson. Jeff 
Atkinson, Thomas 
Augustine, Timothy 
Austin. Jennifer 132 

Bardsley, Teresa 
Barger. Deborah 
Barker. Danice 
Barnes, Mary 
Barnett. Kim 142 
Barrantes. Gerardo 
Barrendse. Steve 149 
Barrington, Matthew 
Barron, Stephen 33 
Barthauer. Dale 
Barthauer. Kim 
Bartow, Bryan 23 
Bartow, Dawn 
Bartow, Lisa 
Bartow', Nathan 161 
Bascom, Brian 146 
Bass, Dara 134 
Bates. Daviid 
Bathje, Beth 150 
Bauder, Todd 
Bauer. Gary 160 
Baughey, Jerry 132 
Bauman, Annalisa 153 
Baumann, Kimberly 152 
Baxendale, William 
Baxter, Douglas 146 
Beachy. Kimberly 143 
Beadle, Nathan 
Beal, Jennifer 
Beamer, Melissa 
Beatty, Christopher 145 
Beavorson, Mitchell 149 
Becker, Donna 144 
Becker, Jonathan 139 
Bedi. Sheri 136 
Beecher, Jennifer 
Beers, James 
Behm. Janelle 
Beitzel, Bradley 165 
Belcher, Michael 147 
Belile, Jacquelyn 
Belknap, Julie 
Bell. Elizabeth 152 
Bendure, Janet 141 
Benedetto. Gayle 153 
Benjamin. Beth 132 
Benjamin. David 132 
Benjamin, James G. 172 
Bennett. Jeffrey 

Benson, David 

Benson, Debra (Debbie) 135 

Benson, Susan 150 

Berger. Matthew 

Bernd, Dawn 144 

Bern. Stacey 144 

Bertka. Randy 164 

Besccker, Lisa 155 

Beutlcr. Amy 

Bibler. Chad 

Bilen, Wendy 144 

Binkerd, Kraig 146 

Binnington. Rebekah 151 

Bird. John 

Birkey, John 

Bishop, Kurt 158 

Bishop. Stacey 

Black. Kimberly 

Blucmel. Kevin 146 

Blum. Jennifer 33. 134 

Blume, Jeffrey 22. 146 

Boayue. Yanay 164 

Boberg. Carolyn 

Boedeker. Kelly 157 

Boggs. Liesl 137 

Bollow, John 

Bolton. Jill 141 

Book. Daniel 

Booth. Mark 

Boots. Martin 

Boren, Lori 

Boren. Rebecca 

Bortmer, Robert V. 172 

Boshaw. Scott 

Botta, James 

Bowers. Peter 

Bowiin, Shawna 33, 132 

Bowman, Jodie 155 

Bowser, Shaun 165 

Boxell, Jeffrey 

Boyack, Robert 162 

Boyd, Christopher 

Bozango. Marcus 149 

Brackin, Julie 136 

Bradley, Knstina (Kristy) 14' 

Brane, Anna 135 

Brcnneman, Marcy 136 

Brett. Christopher 

Brewer, James 

Brewer. Phil 

Britton, Catharine (Cari) 150 
Brooks, Christopher 159 
Brooks. Loren 
Brooks, John 147 
Brookshire, Lance 161 
Brookshire. Lee 
Brower, Shannon 153 
Brown, Amy 132 
Brown. Brian 
Brown. Camie 157 
Brown, Debra 
Brown, Jeff 132 
Brown, Joel 147 
Brown, Kristi 136 
Brown, Mark 
Brown, Melissa 144 
Brown. Rebecca 153 
Brown. Warren 20, 146 
Browning. Douglas 
Brubaker, Dana 
Brubaker. Linda 153 
Brumbaugh, Alychia 135 
Brummeler. Brad 145 
Bruiher, Stephanie 55. 140 
Bubp, Michael 
Bucher, Lisa 141 
Buck,. Cynthia 
Buckley, Jane 151 
Buckley. Jare" 
Bullock. Ray 17 
Bullock. Rochelle 
Bunce, James 
Burchi. Cristine 
Burden. Daniel 161 
Burden. Stanley 173 
Burkard, Kenneth 
Burke, Jill 132 
Burkholder. Joleen 157 
Burkholder, Timothy J, 173 
Burns. Andrea 153 
Burrus. Windi 144 
Hurry. Mark 
Burton, Shirley 132 
Burton, Teri 154 
Burwick. Gretchen 33 
Bushur, James 
Busic. Michele 
Butt. Larry 132 

Buzzard, Joan 
Byerley, Peggy 33, 142 
Byler, Rachel 132 
Byrnes, Tammy 
Byrnes, Trudy 



Change . 

Cain. Michelle 
Cain, Shawnda 
Calkins, Ann 

Gallant, Debra (Debi) 132 
Campbell, Eric 149 
Campbell, Ron 132 
Campbell, Walter 22, 148 
Canze, Janice (Jan) 132 
Carlile, Susan 157 
Carlsen. Edward 
Carlson, Timothy 
Carlson, Wendy 153 
Carpenter. Noel 164 
Carr. Andrea 132 
Carr. Scott 149 
Carroll, Patricia (Patty) 144 
Casler, Robin 
Cason, Suzanne 
Cassar, Lisa 137 
Cassity, Tricia 137 
Cerak, Newell 
Chandler, Julie 137 
Chandler, Rodney 
Chapman. Gary 
Chase, Heather 143 
Chen. Andrew 
Cerweck, Kathryn 144 
Chitwood, Laura May 155 
Chlebo, Julie 
Christy. Brian 
Church. Charles 
Church. James 

Echo columnist Dirk Rowley gels another unbelievable call 



Change . . 

Baarcndsc, Stephen 
Baccus. Rodney (Rixl) 132 
Bachman, John I 32 
Baetsle. Suzanne (Suzy) 142 
Baginski. Jennifer 155 
Bagley. Julie 142 
Bailey. Chad 
Bailey. Jeffrey (JcfO 132 
Bailey. Richmond 
Bajza. Michael 164 
Baker. Douglas 
Baker. James 
Baker, Jennifer 
Bakkc. Julie 141 
Ball. Michael 
Ballow. John 161 
Banbeek. William 164 
Banks. Lon 132 
Barahona. Eduardo 147 
Baranouski. Tammy 
Baranouski, Tina 
Barbcc. Jeffrey 

192 OO Index 

Cina, Cheryl 141 
Clark. Cheryl 134 
Clark, Christopher 
Clark, Jenna 
Clark, Jennifer 144 
Clark, John 157 
Clark, John 
Clark, Lisa A, 104 
Clark. Lori 
Clark, Shawn 156 
Clarke. Scott 145 
Clayton, Virginia 151 
Cleaver. William 149 
Clerihue. Randy 
Clevenger, Aaron 147 
Clock, Andrea 132 
Clodgo, Brent A, 104 
Clouse. Jeanne 150 
Clouse, Lisa 104 
Clouston. Karen 132 
Coats. Amy 104 
Coble. Timothy 
Cochrane. Robert 148 
Coe, John W. 172 
Coffey. John 
Coggburn, Sean 
Cole, Kevin 54, 145 
Collins, Bradley 
Collins, Jennifer 
Collom, Karen 54. 104 
Coin, Ruth 

Colthorp. Christine 144 
Commons. Rebecca 140 
Comslock. Monique 153 
Confer, Elizabeth 
Congleton, Michelle 
Conley, Susan 157 
Conner. Jill 54, 135 
Conner, Sandra 
Connet, Stephen (Steve) 104 
Conwell, Mitchell 
Cook, Deborah 132 
Cooper. Cama 
Cooper. Henry 
Copeland. Sean 158 
Cordes. Matt 146 
Cordvan, Win 180 
Cosgrove. Mark iSl 
Cosson, Matt 
Cosson. Susan 152 
Costas. Jamie 152 
Coulter. Sherry 104 
Covert. Joel 149 
Cox, Cynthia 153 
Cox. Emily 157 
Cox, Mary 
Crabb, Ann 154 
Crabb, Keplen 
Crabtree, Brian 
Craft. Rodney 
Cragg, Robin 153 
Craig. Jennifer 132 
Craig. Kala 135 
Cramer. Jeffry 145 
Cramer. Shelly 105 
Crawley. Brian 
Crist, Joseph 
Crist, Richard 159 
Crook, Scott 
Crosson. Diana 135 
Crouch. Jill 132 
Crowdcr. Randall 105 
Crum, Nancy 153 
Crutchfield. Heidi 153 
Culberson. Kent 160 
Cull. Andrew 
Cummings. Scott 132 
Cunil?.. David 146 
Cunningham. Alan 147 
Cunningham. Brenda 
Cupcr. AnnJanette 154 
Cupp, Janice 156 
Curlcy. Michelle 
Curry, Jeff 
Cutforth, Curt 165 
Cutting, Jennifer 152 

Shawn Maxwell in a light mood. 




D'Arcy, Heather 151 
Dahl, Brian 

Daubenmier. C. Mark 161 
Daubenmier. Jerri 152 
Daughey, Julie 143 
Daun, Brian 160 
Dausey. Julie 
Davenport, Barbara 
Davenport, Brent 165 
Davis. Leza 
Davis. Ah 95 
Davis, Tonya 152 
Dawes, Lori 150 
Day, David 
DeBoer, Susan 143 
DeBoer, Suzanne 156 
DeBoer. Tammy 105 
DeLaughter. Tana 153 
DeMerchant. Ginny 156 
DeTurk, Janell 55. 140 
Deacon, Dana 142 
Dean, Scott 164 
Deardorff. David 105 
Decker, Susan 142 
Decks, Kimberly 1 52 
Deffinger. Mincie 
Delano. Gardner 
Dellis, James 159 
DenHarligh. Alesha 143 
Dennen, Martha 132 
Denny. Shawn 
Denton, Ruthanna 105 
Devers, Patricia 
Devore. Gary 
Devries. Steven 149 
Dickey. Dennis 
Dickinson. David 105 
Dickinson, Jenny 33 
Dietrich. Wayne 106 
Diller. David 132 
Diller. Jennifer 106 
Diller. Marcia 54. 143 
Dixon, Richard 
Dodds. Beth 156 

Dodge, Amy 106 
Dominguez. Jennifer 150 
Donaldson. C Michelle 
Donaldson. Dina 
Donaldson. Michael; 106, 147 
Doornbos, Tamila 
Doss, Brian 
Doss, Kevin 
Dosztan. Ruby 134 
Doud, Mark 106 
Drehaugh. Mary 106 
Drennen, Lynn 
Drisdell. Edwardo 
Brook, Pam 
Dubois, Scott 106 
Duchemin, Amy 106 
Ducker, Virginia 33 
Duff, Eric 165 
Dugan. Kathleen 
Dunbar. David 158 
Dunberg. Carin 154 
Duncan. Cherylynne 55. 107 
Dunlap. Leah 
Durham. Katherine 150 
Durham. Ray 
Durkes. David 161 
Durkovic, Joel 23, 147 
Durrer, Christine 107 
Dyck. Amy 153 
Dyck. Kurt 
Dye. Sharon 136 
Dyson, Lynette 157 



Easier. Rob 107 
Ebanks. Susan 135 
Ebcrt. James 158 
Eck. Wendy 

Edgecombe. Cassandra 107 
Edingcr, Grctchen 134 
Edwards. Jill 142 
Eggc. Douglas 
Egolf, Melissa 
Ehrcsman, Shari 136 

Ehresman. Sharlene 
Eicher. Andreas 164 
Elam. Andrew (Andy) 146 
Elder. Elyce 154 
Ellinger, Brian 149 
Ellis, Mary 
Elwood, Philip 161 
Ely, John 

Embree. Daniel 160 
Embree, Juliann (Julie) 132 
Emery. Chad 
Emery, Kathleen 
Emmett. William 
Engler. Michael 145 
Ensinger. Dorothy 140 
Erdman, Todd 149 
Erickson. Robert D 172 
Erickson. Steven 55. 154 
Erny, Sharon 
Eskridge. Gregory 
Evans, Kimberly 
Evers. Mitchell 164 
Evink, Leigh 151 



Change . 

Faber. Jill 143 

Faber. John 159 

Fahlen, Enk 107 

Falldorf. Karen 

Fanning, Lisa 

Fares. Renee 

Fares, Tina 152 

Farmwald, Marlis 136 

Fausnighi. Joseph 

Feige. Karin 157 

FeiL Ashlyn 153 

Fellon, Troy 148 

Ferguson. Cecil 

Ferguson, Cindy 107 

Ferguson, Heather 143 

Ferkinhoff, Laura 107 

Fetzer, Dwight 

Fickau, Shelly 137 

Fields, Delia 

Finkbeiner, Jan 132 

Filby, Ernest (John) 132 

Finch, Sabnna 

Fine, Melinda 55, 143 

Firth, Kevin 149 

Fischer, Amy 156 

Fisher. Dana 

Fisher. Wendy 107 

Fletcher. George 145 

Flood. David 

Flower. Valerie 33 

Flynn. Alyson 144 

Flynn, Melinda 143 

Foister, Eric 

Foley. Mark 159 

Foor, Danny 

Foote. Elizabeth 150 

Ford, Jonathan 

Ford. Shannon 108 

Ford, William 

Fortenberry, Steve 108 

Fortuna. Kris 

Foster. Deborah (Debbie) 135 

Foster. Lisa 132 

Fouse, Bruce 

Fouts, Rebecca 108 

Fowler. William (Bill) 165 

Fox. Kirstcn 

Francis. Lynette 108 

Frantz. Michele 

Eraser. Curt 

Frauhigcr. Ryan 132 

Frederickson. Kim 108 
Fredericksen, Brent 
Freeman. Sandra 153 
Frettinger, Nancy 108 
Frieden, Kelly 
Fruchey, Michael 
Frye, Stephanie 
Fuchs. Stephen 109 
Fuhrmann, Tami 156 
Fulks, Lora 108 
Fuller, Darrin 109 
Fuller. Lisa 140 




Change . . . 

Gaertner. Becky 157 

Gafford. Wendell 

Gailher, DeAnn 157 

Gaither. Melissa 

Gallup. Gary 146 

Gamez. Jodiene 156 

Gammage. Lisa 150 

Gammage, Palti 109 

Garnelt, Matt 

Garnett, Scott 

Gatzke, Amy 

Galzke, Lisa 

Gavilanez, Juanita 

Gavilanez. Marc 

Geisz. John 109 

Gendich. Lisa 156 

Genshaw, Sarah 109 

Gephart. Rebecca 

Gerber, Kelli 141 

Geng. Jared 146 

Gerig. Rodney 160 

Gerta. Jeffery S 109 

Gertz. Jeffrey 

Geyer. Bart 

Gianopulos. Jennifer 137 

Gibson. Karin 1 57 

Gibbons. Judith 109 

Gilkison, Stuart 161 

Gill, Cindy 

GiUiatt. D Renee 109 

Gilliland. George 

Gines. Ronda 1 52 

Gingery. Molly 137 

Glashagel, Robert 

Glassburn. Melonie 108 

Gleason. Lorail I 10 

Glenn. Mary 

Glensman. Mary 136 

Godfrey, Martha 133 

Godorha^y. Jill 133 

Goeglein, Mark 1 10 

Gochiring, Heidi 1 10 

Gogis. Lukas 145 

Golden. Roger 

Golden, Stephanie 154 

Goldstone. Dana 

Golf. Melissa 157 

GoUmer. Angela 1 10 

Gollmcr, Teresa 133 

Gongwer. Troy 133 

Gongwer, Troy 133 

Good. Sonya 55 

Gottfried, Jennifer (Jenni) 140 

Gove. Mark 159 

Grablc. Timothy 148 

Gradin. Douglas 1 10 

Graham, Eric 159 

Graham. John 

Graham. Kelly 

Granncman. Jennifer 144 

Grant, Amy 144 

Grant, Dionnc 1 10 

Index Oo 193 

Granzine, David 159 
Gray. Sharon 181 
Green, Natalie 135 
Greene, Jennifer 157 
Greene, Sheena 142 
Griffin. Deborah 
Griffin, Peter 
Griffin. Robert 
Grimes, Steven 1 10 
Groff, Denise 1 51 
Groff, Lissa 144 
Groves, Rebecca 1 56 
Grueser, Amy 54, 15 
Guedet, Stephanie 
Guillaume. Amy 157 
Gunter, Deann 154 
Guyre. J, Todd 20 
Gygi, Kimberly 



Hendrickson. Jodell 151 
Henningsen, Paul 147 
Henriques, Tim 160 
Henry. Monica 
Hensley, Jonathan 
Hepker, Ed 147 
Herman, Annette 137, 151 
Herman. N. Jill 137 
Herman, Philip 112 
Herrick, Steven 
Hershberger, Janelle 55, 13: 
Hertzler, Timothy 
Hess. Charles 133 
Hess, Douglas 
Hess, Kathryn 154 
Hess, Mandy 153 
Helh. Wilham 180 
Higerd, Sharon 1 12 
Higerd, Slacey 
Higgins, John 149 
Hight. Randall 
Hill, James 
Hill. Todd 
Hill. Wendy 153 
Hilson. Bertha 112 

Hofmeister. Jane 143 
Hogan, Jimmie 
Hollar. Michelle 133 
Hollars, Karen 113 
Holt, Tim 148 
Holz, Timothy 147 
Hopkins. Cynthia 
Hopkins, Sharon 
Hopkins. Wendi 153 
Hoppes, Connie 142 
Horn, Deborah 150 
Home, David 133 
Home, Richard 133 
Horvalh, Frances 113 
Horvath, Lori 141 
Hosier, Wendy 151 
Hoskins, Scott 147 
Hossack, John 133 
Hotmire, Darrel 
Hotmire, Darren 
Hotmire, Kurt 159 
House, Paul 180 
Houser. Dan 1 13 
Howard, Stephen 
Howland, David 

Hurd, Lionel 

Hurt, Matthew (Matt) 133 
Hussung, Paige 150 
Hussung, Rebecca 
Huston, Ronald 




Imperial Tim 133 
Irvin, Bradford 164 
Isaacs, Michael 146 
Ivey. Jill 

Jamieson, Jody 157 
Jeffery, Heather 153 
Jeffords, Kara 
Jelsema, Diane 156 
Jenkins, Jill 144 
Jeran, Jonathan 1 13 
Johannides, Catherine 15 
Johnsen. David 147 
Johnsen. Karen 
Johnson, Ann 1 14 
Johnson, Jennifer 157 
Johnson, Joellyn 151 
Johnson, Linda 151 
Johnson, Lisa 143 
Johnson, Marion 144 
Johnson, Rustin 158 
Johnson. Scott 
Jones, Lisa 155 
Jones, Sharon 
Jousma. Jill 141 
Judd. Eddie 

Julsaint, Marie-Claude 1 
Jung. Chariene 
Jurgensen, James 159 
Jurgensen, Jennifer 1 14 


Haase, Steven 
Hachet. Christopher 
Haddad, Rebekah 140 
Haegeland. Sharon 
Hall, Janelle 155 
Hall, Julie 144 
Hall, Karin 111 
Hall, Todd 164 
Halleen. Steven 1 1 1 
Halleen. Thomas 147 
Halterman. Jonathan 149 
Halvorson, Holly 156 
Hamm, Mark 

Hammel, Jennifer (Jube!) 133 
Hammond, Daniel 173 
Hammond, Leigh 1 1 1 
Hamsher, Michael 158 
Handy. Craig 
Handy. Crystal 111 
Hanko, Jay 1 1 1 
Hnalin. Dawn 
Hanlon. Robert 1 1 1 
Hansen, Knstine 141 
Hapner, John 133 
Hardesty, Shelly 157 
Hardin. Kalhryn 152 
Hardy, Todd 147 
Harkness. Shawn 133 
Harlan, Michelle 153 
Harris, David 
Harris, Emily 155 
Harris, Mark 1 1 1 
Harris, Shiela 1 1 1 
Harrison, Beth 154 
Harrison, George W, 173 
Harshbarger, Donovan 160 
Hartley. Robin 150 
Hartmen, Beth 152 
Harvey. Angela 151 
Haskins, Darla 
Hatfield. Angela 
Hatfield. William 133 
Hathaway, Peter 
Havenga. Sandra 1 12 
Hay, Catherine 152 
Hay. Jill 142 
Heath. Dale 180 
Heath. Julie 
Heckman, Dan 165 
Heilshorn, Robert 
Hcin. John 159 
Heiniger, Sieve 
Heinlein. Amanda (Kay) 1 12 
Heinrich, Adele M. 137 
Helycr. Harry 190 
Henderson, Shirley 

Yearbook Editors Jenny Dickinson and Shawn Harkness release a little editorial frustration. 

Himes, Julie 140 
Hines, Charles 
Hinger, Steve 146 
Hinman, David 1 12 
Hinterkopf, Anna 
Hirons, Timothy 1 12 
Hittle, Tamara 151 
Hoatson, Todd 1 12 
Hochstetler. Lois 
Hochstettler, Wendy I5( 
Hoffman, Stephen 
Hoeksema, Pamela 
Hoeksema, Pennie 144 
Hoekstra. Michele 133 
Hoffer. Christopher 

Hubbard. Janssen 
Hubbard. Rebecca 
Hubers. Cheryl 154 
Hughes, Jerald 158 
Hughes, Kelley 113 
Hugonioi, Kenneth 
Huh. Heather 113 
Hult, Holly 156 
Hunteman, Lana 144 
Hunteman. Timothy 145 
Hunter, Ruth 140 
Huntzinger. Jane 
Huprich, Steven 1 13 
Huprich, Suzanne 156 
Hurd, Jeff 113 







Jackson, Alice 181 
Jackson. Krystal 
Jacobsen, Jodi 157 
Jacobsen, Jeffrey 
Jahn, Cynthia 

Kach. Mark I 14 
Kahlenbeck, Michael 
Kahlenbeck, Sue Ann 
Kahn. Debbie 133 
Kamentz, Anatole 114 

194 OO Index 

Kaper. Jeffrey 160 
Kaper, Stephanie 157 
Karacson. Debora 114 
Karacson. Robert 
Kashins. Darla 114 
Kastclein. Jonathan 
Kaufmann. David 22. 1 
Kay. Bud 133 
Kay. Richard 
Keck. David 55. 115 
Keiser. Joel 161 
Keller. Belh 115 
Keller. Dawn 133 
Kellum. Krista 152 
Kellum. Susan 1 15 
Kennedy. Michael 
Kennedy. Tammy 
Kenniv. James 23 
Kern. Timothy 1 15 
Kesler, Jay 20 
Kigcr. Jeff 149 
Kite. Kimbcrly 
Kimbrell. Lonnic 
Kincade. Mark 
King. Dina 115 
King. Mark 
Kmg. Phillip 115 

King. Shannon 
King. Tamara 135 
Kinzer, Laurel 156 
Kissinger, John 
Knapp, Corey 160 
Knapp, Daniel 158 
Knarr. Karl 115 
Knecht. Teresa 
Knuih. Kun 115 
Kochhnger. Kelly 141 
Koclsch, Maria 136 
Koller. Eric 149 
Konold. Susan 136 
Konya. Coleen 151 
Kooistra, Michael 160 
Kooistra. Scott 149 
Koons. Shannon 152 
Koop, Jon 
Koorcy. Bryan 
Krabbe. Mark 
Kraft. Karen 136 
Kraus. Judy 157 
Krocker. Gregory 148 
Krockcr, Phillipc 116 
Krocker. Stcphan 157 
Kroger. Elizabeth (Beth) 141 
Kroll. Leroy 173 

Kuhnle. Krislie 135 
Kuick. Kenneth 161 




Udd. Todd 116 
Laidig, Melissa 156 
Lair, Jeffrey 1 1 6 
Lake. Clinton 1 16 
Lakes. Larry 
Lambert. Janice 1 16 
Lambert. Valerie 
Lambright. Crystal 134 
Lambright, Jodi 1 16 
Land, James 133 
Landt. Mark 146 
Largcnt. Curt 
Larimore, Teresa 136 

Lautenbach. Pamela 

Lavin. David 1 16 

Law, Todd 

Lawrence. Shelley 144 

Layton, Jennifer 152 

LeMasters. Lisa S. 143 

Leach. Bradley 160 

Ledbetter. David 1 16 

Leedy. Lynn 152 

Lefebvre. Terry 137 

Leichty, Jeffrey (JefO 133 

Leino, Terri 133 

Lepor. Scott 145 

Leverenz, Michelle 

Lewis. Linda 54, 150 

Lewis. Sherie 154 

Liddick. Gregory 

Lind, Brian 149 

Lindman, Connie 150 

Linhart, Kelly 

Litsch. Deborah 153 

Littlejohn. Cairy 

Litwiller. Rebecca (Becky) 157 

Livernois, Laurie 150 

Lockwood. John 1 17 

Lofgren, Darlene 133 

Logan, Claudia 133 

Long. Heather 133 

Long. Stephen 1 17 

Long. Tiffin 140 

Lootens, Michelle 

Love. Roger 

Loy. Philip 190 

Lucibello, Gina 

Ludwig. Cynthia (Cindy) 133 

Lugar, John 147 

Luke. Brian 165 

Lund. Joseph 181 

Lydick. Reann 133 

Lynn. Amy 

Lytle. Shern 151 



Change . . . 

MacFadyen. Sharon (Sherry) 140 

Machet, Chris 110 

Madison, John 155 

Mahone, Gregory 

Maina. Gladys 

Mains, Tracy 143 

Malliei. Steven 

Malone. Melissa 152 

Maniglia, Joseph 1 17 

Manko. Eric 157 

Mann. Martha 154 

Mannix. Timothy 

Mansfield, Michael 

Manlha. Dean 133 

Mantha. Douglas 145 

Marker, Lisa 

Martens, Julie 

Martin. Elena 

Martin. Michelle 134 

Martin, Tom 161 

Mason. David 147 

Mason. Minda 157 

Massey, ChadvMck 145 

Massman. Melody 141 

Mast. Angela (Angle) 144 

Mast. Brian 

Mathis. Jenny 154 

Maxwell, Shawn 

Mayer, A. Diane 157 

Mays, Trenton 145 

McAllister. Susan 

McClure, Jackie 153 

McCormick. Jennifer 143 

McCracken. Alicia 140 

McDonald, Michele 

McDonald. Tamitha 157 

McFadden. Bridgid 137 

McFarland. Peter 149 

McGlasson. Scott 149 

McGuffin. Lori 144 

Mclntire. Susan 

McKenzie. Jeff 

McKinley. Christina (Christy) 117 

McKmney. Angela 

McKinney. Joel 

McLaughlin, Daniel 157 

McMahan. Mark 117 

McMillan. Rebecca 137 

McMillen, Scott 145 

McMullen. Lynetle 133 

McNeil. Jennifer 1 17 

McPherson, David 164 

Means. Brett 164 

Meeks. Cynthia 117 

Meeks, Thomas 149 

Meier, Carol 104 

Meier, Esther 140 

Meinert. Cara 152 

Menningen. Laura 136 

Mercer, Alan 149 

Mercer, Gail 1 17 

Meriweather. Paul 20 

Merrill, Sonya 143 

Mervine. Kathleen 135 

Metzger. Michael 

Meyer, Alan 181 

Meyer, Brent 

Michalec. Joseph 164 

Michel, Dana 

Mickelson, Donna 154 

Midwood. Deborah 

Mignon. Beth 119 

Mihara. Laura 

Miller, Amy 150 

Miller. Belh 156 

Miller. Brian 133 

Miller. Dale 

Miller. Debbie 136 

Miller. Douglas 119 

Miller. Heather 

Miller. Jeffrey G. 118 

Miller, Jeffrey A. 

Miller. Joseph 148 

Miller. Knstine 118 

Miller. Melissa 150 

Miller. Michael 147 

Miller. Stacia 118 

Mithaier. Maria 

Miner. Julie 155 

Miner. Scott 147 

Miner, Tim 

Miraglia. Ann 157 

Mishler. Brian 118 

Mishler. Mikala 118 

Mitchell. Kevin 

Moell. Christopher 

Moeller. Scott 146 

Moeschbcrger. Michelle 140 

Moeschbcrger. Suzcttc 156 

Montgomery. Brian 145 

Montgomery. William 191 

Moody. Jennifer 1 57 

Moody. Stephanie 151 

Mooney. Charlene 95. 152 

Moore. Craig 172 

Moore, Deborah (Debbie) 134 

Moore, Donnalec 

Moore. Donna I 34 

Moore. Kamela 

Moore. Stephen 146 

Moore. Walter 

Moorman. Connie 152 

Morgan. Todd 164 

Moritz. Lisa 

Morris. Shannan 1 34 

Morrow. Yvonne 137 

Index OO ]95 


Mortensen, Michael 158 
Morton, Benjamin 1 18 
Mosier. Jamie 1 18 
Mounsey. Troy 157 
Moye. Stacey 
Moyer, Kipp 142 
Mulder, Shawn 150 
Mullens, Lon 144 
Mullet, Angela iI9 
Mumme, Patricia 140 
Mundt. Ron 165 
Mungai, Simon 1 19 
Munson. Joan 1 53 
Murphy, R. Timothy 149 
Musselman, Seth 133 
Muter, Michael 119 
Mulhiah, Richard 147 
Muthaiah, Robert 119 
Myer. Keith 
Myer, Maria 135 
Myers, Ronda 




Nairn. Raymond 146 
Neal, William 146 
Neff, Julie 133 
Neideck, Christine 136 
Neidhamer, Mary 
Nelson. John 
Nelson. Kathy 119 
Nelson, Kelly 
Nelson, Lynda 
Neuhouser, Carol 
Neuman, J- Aaron 161 
Nevil. Mark 20. 161 
Newcomer, Robert 
Newell, Janine 1 56 
Newhouse, Heidi 141 
Ncwhouse, Peter 
Ncwhouser, Carol 153 
Newing, Carole 1 19 
Newitt, Paul 
Newlin. Brad 158 
Newton, Gary 170 

Nichols. John 
Nieveen, Scott 119 
Nieveen. Trishena 
Nill, Kevin 120 
Nordengren, Lisa 140 
Nordengren, Lori 140 
Nordquist, Amy- Joy 154 
Notestine, Lisa 54 
Novak, Stephanie 156 
Nugent, Timothy 
Nussbaum, Sarah 151 
Nyce, Darren 160 
Nygren, Herb 190 



Change . . . 

O'Brien, Kathleen 157 

Oakley, Kenl 146 

Ochs, Rodney 

Odell, Adam 

Oeslrike, Janel (Janet) 144 

Offenhauser, George 149 

Olday, Dawn 

Olson. Mark 161 

Ooolcy, Scott 120 

Orebaugh. Mary 

Orme, David 

Orr, James 

Ortman. Tammy K, 136, 14^ 

Ortmann. Tammy E- 

Ott, Julie 154 

Otto, Christopher 146 




Page, Kevin 161 

Paige, Lisa 153 
Pala, Shawn 133 
Parker. Clyde 55, 133 
Parker. Heather 
Parker, Heather 136 
Parker. Michael 120 
Parker. Rebecca 
Parker, Richard 55 
Parmelee, Rachel 120 
Passon. Cheryl 134 
Patterson, Deborah 141 
Payne, Kathi 151 
Paynter. Chris 120 
Peddle, Christopher 149 
Pertee, Amy 136 
Peters, Brian 120 
Peters. Bruce 161 
Peters, Chad 164 
Peters, Stacey 161 
Peterson, Doug 120 
Peterson. Erika 157 
Peterson, Jeffery C, 120 
Peterson, Mandi 134 
Peterson, Nathan 148 
Peterson. Sue 
Peterson, Susan 154 
Pfister, Karen 121 
Pfister, Mary 157 
Pfister, Todd 1 59 
Phelps. Larry 
Phelps, Lynn 
Phillips, Brett 
Phillips, Jonathan 121 
Phillips. Robby 121 
Phinney, D. Nathanial 
Piekarski. Cami 151 
Piekarski, Matt 121 
Piper. Stephanie 144 
Piper, Victor 
Pitts, Robert 190 
Plaggemars, Kristen 
Planck. Philip 146 
Platz. Molly 121 
Fletcher, Brian 
Ploegman, Jill 155 
Plueddemann. Sharon 154 
Plumb. Nancy 121 
Plummer, Christopher 161 
Polsgrove. Penny 151 
Pomeroy. Sherry 121 
Popejoy, Douglas 
Popejoy, Scott 160 
Popham, Susan 152 
Possing, Denis 

Possing, Edward 165 
Posz, Merry 134 
Powell, Stephen 121 
Prell, Brian 159 
Price, Jennifer 137 
Puck. Lisa 54, 133 
Puckett, Melissa 133 




Quails, Albert 
Quails, Jeffrey 
Quandt, Amanda 152 




Rader, Jeff 159 
Raikes, Stephen 
Ranneklev, Nils 146 
Rarick. Megan 122 
Ray. Jeffrey 122 
Raynes. Phillip 
Read, Douglas 
Reany. Lisa 141 
Rechkemmer. Shawn 
Rediger, Diana J. 143 
Redmon, Erica 
Reed. Caryn 
Reeder, Pamela 154 
Regier, Jeffrey 122 
Reinholt, Brent 
Reiskytl. Kenneth 
Rennie. Ellen 136 
Resch. Julie (Julia) 133 
Reuter, Audrea 153 
Reynolds, Donald 54. 145 
Reynolds, Gretchen 

Reynolds, Susan 156 

Rhamy, Techia 

Rice, Mark 148 

Rich, Laura 144 

Richmond, Jill 

Ricks, Dean 159 

Rider, Daryl 132 

Rider, Shirley 133 

Rieck, Paula 122 

Riegsecker, Greg 159 

Riggs. Carla 

Riggs, Maribeth 

Riley. Sarah 137 

Ringenberg. Mark 149 

Ringenberg, Matthew 122 

Robb, Lynn 122 

Robbins. Jeffrey 161 

Roberds, Dawn 122 

Roberts, Andrew 

Roberts, Dorena 

Roberts. Duane 146 

Roberts, Erica 

Roberts, Jeffrey 

Roberts, L. Michelle 123 

Robertson. Michael 145 

Robins, Amy 137 

Roddy, Suzanne 

Rodell. Martha 150 

Rogers, Brenda 

Rogers, Jennifer 154 

Rogers, Shelley 123 

Rohrman, Doug 181 

Rolle. Sharmaine 123 

Rolund. Karen 123 

Rolund. Laura 

Romig. David 

Roost, Becky 135 

Roost. Marceiyn (Marcy) 130 

Rosario, Pedro 123 

Rose. Julie 

Rosenthall. Kathy 137 

Roth, Brian 

Roth. Darin 123 

Roth. Dawn 136 

Roth, Del 

Roth, Diane 156 

Roth. Keith 123 

Roth, Kevin 145 

Roth. Lynn 

Rothrock, Paul E. 172 

Rotruck, Stanley 172 

Routley. Lisa 

Routt, Mark 

Row. Michael 

196 OO Index 

Rowley, Dirk 148 
Rowley. Philip 160 
Rucker, Kira 152 
Russell, Sheri 95, 137 
Rutherford, Wendy 123 
Ryan, Catherine 155 
Ryan, Michael 
Ryg, Mike 




Saiazar, Dennis 
Sampley, Michael 
Sampson, Laura 143 
Santy, Joey 124 
Sare, Leslie 152 
Sass, Edwin 124 
Savage, Timothy 
Sayler. Mitchell 
Saylor, Kathleen 135 
Schaddix. Kim 124 
Schafer. Lynn 
Schick. James 158 
Schladenhauffen. Ann i 
Schlenker. Dwight 
Schmid, Brenda 1 51 

r^1»3^ • ■ 


Schmidt. Matthew 159 

Shivers, B 

rian 133 

Snicker. Tammy 151 

Schmitz. James (Jamey) 124 

Shivers, Jennifer 133 

Snyder, Christa 133 

Schneck, Laura 134 

Shope, Toby 33, 159 

Soencer, Kelly 125 

Schneck, Lisa 157 

Shroyer, Wendy 155 

Sonneveldl, Lance 147 

Schoon. Timothy 161 

Shupe, Lisanne 133 

Sorrell. Ryan 

Schrock. Sherry 152 

Sidebotham, Susan 

Soucy. Stephanie 137 

Schroeder, Kristen 154 

Siegle, Sandra 

Souzis, Jonathan 164 

Schroeder. Peter R. 

Sikkenga, Jane 152 

Spahr. Mary Ann 

Schroyer, Tonya 124 

Silvernale, Troy 

Spallinger. Amy 140 

Schumacher. Carolyn 124 

Simpkins, Shannon 137 

Spaulding. Susan 

Schureman, William (Bill) 159 

Singleton, Sarah 

Spencer, Deborah 125 

Schwartz, Kevin 161 

Sloat, Kevin 148 

Spencer. Kelly 33, 125 

Schwartz. Matthew 164 

Slough, Deann 157 

Spencer. Michelle 144 

Scott, Jennifer (Jenni) 135 

Small, Kevin 149 

Sprunger, Jonathan 165 

Scott, Pamela 

Smarrella, Kathleen 153, 154 

Squiers, Richard 

Scroggins, Robert 161 

Smart, Christine 

St. John, Claudia 

Seaman. Holly 

Smelser, JoEllen 157 

Stanislaw. Andrew 

Seaman. Jill 135 

Smidt, Alexander 164 

Slanislaw, Richard 125 

See, Breton 

Smith, Anglea 125 

Stankey. Kelle 

Seibel, Daniel 147 

Smith, Bradley 146 

Stath, Paul 

Seidehamel. Randall 149 

Smith, Brian 125 

Stauffer. Dave 

Sell, Michael 

Smith, Daniel 158 

Stayton. J- Fred 

Sena. Thomas 

Smith, Debby 

Steenbtik. Cindy 156 

Setian, Peter 

Smith, Dennis 146 

Steffes, Thomas 145 

Sewell. April 33. 133 

Smith, Erik 159 

Stephens, Scott 

Sewell. Jeffrey 

Smith, Jeffrey 

Stephenson, Beth 

Sexton, Stephene 

Smith, Jonathan 

Stevens. Sheryl (Sherry) 

Shaddix. V. Kim 

Smith, Kenneth 149 

Stewart. Charles 

Shade, Terry 149 

Smith, Kimbcrly 125 

Stewart. Ralph 147 

Shamblin, Sonya 133 

Smith, Konda 153 

Stewart, Robert 

Shane. Ronnie 

Smith, Paula 150 

Stewart, Traci 152 

Shannon. Becky 124 

Smith, Rebecca (Becky) 157 

Stickel. Dara 152 

Shapley. Timothy 

Smith, Tabrina 

Stirneman. Elyse 157 

Sheeley. Scott 149 

Smith, Wendy 150 

Stocksdale, Mark 

Shinn, W. Matthew 148 

Snapp, Lisa 125 

Stoll, Shawna 33 
Stonick. Jeffrey 146 


■^«^' . -' 

Stoops. Beverly 


i^-^., / 

Slorck. Rhonda 54, 1 57 


y - , 

Storer. Matthew 149 

■ ■ ■ • ■ ;. ' . ii. 

' .V it 


Storm, Heidi 150 




Stotts. Kay 

<! iV 


■■. '■ - ■'■- 


Stout, Katrina 132 

■:; ■'£■% 

Stover, Robert 

Slraub, Craig 

^ - • ■'■ '. >g. V* 

Strickland, James 149 

'i^-.' ■? .'f: ;.- 


Strohl, Douglas 149 

• '•'■'"■• .'/ 


Strong. Karen 142 
Strutz, Colin 149 

1* ■» • --'^*.'-j^" 

Siumbo, Julie 156 

"*«# , -' >;<r*-^ 

i- , . vr ; 

Stumbo, R. Bradley 145 

tii^ ■ ■■ ^,i 


Stump. Rex 

■& -iA '- ' 


Summers. Stephanie 139 

Hi <^ 

Suter, Ellen 55. 140 

S.' ^. 

m ^ 

Swain. Sara 
Swanson. Christian 161 

^jH^ /M 

Swanson. Gregory 147 
Swanson, Teresa 156 
Sweet. Kelly 142 

■^ ^w ^^^Wv ^^ ^^^ 


^^^^^^r ^""""^r 

Sweeting, Mark 


^■k^ ... . 

Sweitzer. Joseph 149 



Swihart. Aaron 
Swing. Steven 23 
Swisher. Jeffrey 
Swofford, Jill 



Swofford, Rebecca 
Symanzik. Kent 132 

^ ^'^ \^^ 

Symonettc, Ronald 


Syswerda, Todd 160 




Tacchclla, Kimberley (Kim) 132 
Tacchclla. Laurie 155 
Taggart. Stephanie 54. 153 
Talbot. Andrew 149 
Tallcy. Nancy Jo 134 
Tansy. Carmel 

Taylor, Chery! 152 
Taylor. William, 149 
Teagle. Jay 164 
Templeton, Paul 
Teo, Pamela 
Thomas, Elizabeth 155 
Thomas. Jeffrey 
Thomas, Robert 33. 161 
Thompson. Cassandra 
Thompson. David 145 
Thompson. Marjorie 156 
Thompson, Paul 
Thomsen. Bjorn 146 
Thomsen. Thor 145 
Thornburg. Thomas 158 
Thorne, Gregory 
Thome, Shannon 157 
Thurber. Bradley 
Tibbetts, Daniel 159 
Ticknor, Stephen 
Tiede. Julianne 
Tiede, Margo 132 
Tipple, Kirby 
Todd, Rebecca 143 
Townsend, Oren 
Trejo, Gina 132 
Tripleit. Amy 157 
Trout. Sarah 
Tucker, Brent 
Tucker, Jamilyn 
Tucker, Lynne 150 
Turner. Brian 
Tuynman. Kathryne 141 
Twining. Tim 
Tyner, Jeffrey 
Tysvaer, Roy 




Uggen, Antony 
Unger, Mark 132 
Unruh, Jeffrey 149 
Upton, Stephen 160 
Utter, Michele 
Utter, Shelley 134 




Valdcz. Mel 132 
Valutis, Stephanie 
VanBeck. Willem 
VanEcrden. Jennifer 144 
VanHorn, Kathleen 
VanNaltan, Leannc 
VanOsdol, Brian 145 
Vandcgnff. Jon 
VandenBrink. Kevin 145 
VandcrMculen. Jodi 140 
Vcach, Michael 147 
Vcccra. Rocco 
Vcn?. Ruth 
VerLcc, Amy 
Vcrcautcrcn. Dave 
Vcrmccsch. David 159 
Vernon. Charles 
Vcrratti, Thomas 54. 148 
Vcrscndaal, Rita 
Victh. Toiyonna 144 

Index OO 197 

Vite, Victoria 
Vogt. Kristine 152 
VonGunten, Heidi 155 
Voskuil, Jenifer 152 
Vrhovnik, Amy 139 
Vrhovnik, Peter 147 



Change . . 

Wagner, Anne 129 

Wagner, Richard 

Wagner, W, Todd 161 

Walker, April 

Walker, Candace (Candy) 142 

Walker, Marcia 

Walker, Parker 

Walker. Randy 

Walker. Suzane 132 

Wallace. Jan 

Wallace, Jeffrey 

Wallace. Jo Ellen 

Wallace John 181 

Wallis, David 

Walsh, Cory 

Walter, Lisa 156 

Walton. Janclle 129 

Walton, Jerilynn 153 

Waltz, Tani 

Walworth. Stacy 

Ward. Kimbcrly 129 

Warfield, Shannon 

Warner. Danny 

Warrick. Don 147 

Waterman, Darcy 153 

Wayt. Sherry 

Weaver. Laura 

Webb, Susan 

Weber, Philip 146 

Webster, Katherine 

Weerstra, Richard 

Welch. Michael 

Welker, D Scott 159 

Wells. Caroline 

Wells. Maroline 139 

Wenger. Mark 129 

Wengcrd. Matthew 55. 129 

Werb. Susan 152 

Wertman. Steven 

Wesner. Andrew 159 

Wesseler. Marc 

West. Michael 

Westerfield. Jenna 

Westering. Pamela 140 

Wethcnll. Jeffrey 129 

Weyhe. Michael 

Wheeler. David 

Whitaker. R. Scott 

White. Anita 151 

White, Daren 161 

White. Heidi 141 

White, John 146 

White, Michael 147 

Whipple, Andrew 173 

White, Ouinn 129 

White, Robert 

Whitman, Kimberly 139 

Wicks, Kimberly 156 

Widdoes, Doug 

Widdoes, Tamara 33, 129 

Wildeboer, Brian 149 

Wiles, Susan 128 

Wilkie, Rochclle 129 

Willett. Lori 

Williams. Brent 

Williams. Bryan 

Williams. Lon 129 

Williams, Toni 129 

Williamson. Andrew 

Willis. Corinne 153 

Willis, H. James 160 

Willis, Maria 136 

Willis. Mark 

Wills, Chuck 147 

Wilson. Gregory 128 

Wilson. Janette 143 

Wilson. Laura 129 

Wilson. Stephanie 

Wineman. Dena 156 

Winteregg. Mark 165 

Winterholter. Becky 135 

Winterholter. Laurie 135 

Wintermute. Timothy 

Winters. Daniel 128 

Winters, David 147 

Wirth. Carol 

Wiseman, Julie T, 128 

Wit, Linda 153 

Wolf, Larissa 130 

Wolfe, Steven 132 

Wood, Andrew 

Wood, Elisabeth 144 

Wood, F. Craig 147 

Wood, Steve 149 

Woodnng. David 132 

Woods, Lesa 

Woods, Lora 

Woods, Michael 

Workman. Tracy 152 

Worst. Robin 130 

Wright. Keith 130 

Wright. Menda 130 

Wright. Ronnie 161 

Wright. Todd 149 

Wurster. Bradley 

Wynn. David 146 

Wysong. Deborah (Debbie) 142 

Editor Jenny and her graduate brother David. 




Yarhouse, Alonzo 145 
Yeager, Todd 

Yessayan, Tanya 
Yircott, Denise 130 
Yoder. Juanita 
Yoder, Michael 130 
Yoder, Michelle 134 
Yoder, Susan 
Young, Christopher 
Young, Daniel 146 
Young, Diane 




Zehnder. Elisabeth 153 
Zehnder, Julia 130 
Zeidler, Douglas 
Zeigler, Tim 14 
Zolman, Chad 
Zook, Judy 
Zorovich, Laura 141 
Zurburg. Jennifer 154 
Zvers, Scott 

198 OO Index 

The fun is over; now the real work begins. 

Volume 90 of the Ilium was printed in a press run of 1,300 books by 
HiH-ff-Jones Yearbooks, Maiceline, MO. Offset lithography was used 
on 80 pound stock paper with black ink. 

Color photography was provided by staff photographers Randy 
Seidhamel and Mark Daubenmiei', Adviser Karen Owen and Beecher 
Wateis, owner of Waters-Gayle Studio in Marion. The color 
photogi'apy was processed by Sport-foto, Carmel. 

Other- photography was pi'ovided by staff photographers, including 
Seidhamel, Jim Strickland, Clyde Parker and Echo staff 

Faculty photographs wer'e also used, with much help from Jim 
Gai'iinger-, Univer-sity Photogr-apher. Photogr-aphs of Singapore wer-e 
provided by Dr. Beulah Baker, professor of English, and Dr. William 
Fry, professor- of English and Chairman of the English Depar'tment. 
Both taught in the TUIS pr-ogr-am in Singapore dur-ing the past year-. 

All captions and headlines in the book were set by Hei-ff-Jones in 
sizes ranging from six to 60 point. Body copy was set by the Ilium staff 

in 8 point News type on a Compugraphic Compuwriter- IV TG and 
processed with a Kodak Etkamatic processor. 

Ilium staff members who helped with this publication included Traci 
Stewart, Pamela Teo, Jenny Blum, Timothy Schoon, Kevin Page, 
Becky Brown, Mark Brown, and Chad Emery. 

Shawn Harkness was assistant editor-, and Jenny Dickinson was 
editor- of the book. Advisers included Karen Owen and Dr. Dale 
Jackson, Financial Adviser and Chairman of the Taylor- University 
Conriunication Ar-ts Depar-tment. 

The Ilium was distributed to all students registered in 1988 and paid 
for as a par-t of their- r-egistr-ation fees. It was sold to incoming fr-esh- 
mer: and others who desir-ed copies at $20 per book. 

The staff met in the Taylor Student Union dome. Inquiries should be 
addressed to Ilium, Taylor- University, Upland, IN, 46989. Telephone 
calls should be dir-ected to the Communication Ar-ts Depar-tment, 998- 

Index OO 199 


of the floors add several 
for one reason or another 

sed to thank permitted, we L 
nd everyone pictures if go( 
laniness that available. 

I hope this boo 
hawn for all j^the 1987—88 sc' 
ememb^r the s. 
^. But above al 
; £*# f " * ' ^ remember that. . . 

for aU 

e SameYesterd^ 


200 oo Closing